Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels®

Remember the hours you spent as a kid playing with Hot Wheels® Maybe it was all those adventures in the sandbox. Or maybe it was the time you spent creating the most challenging track setups you could imagine. How cool would it be in real life? With Caterpillar, you don’t have to imagine it, as with Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels® we’ve created an epic playground with the Next Generation Cat® Wheel Loaders and other Cat gear, incorporating life-sized versions of the cars you grew up with. We brought in professional stunt drivers and track designers and equipment operators from around the country leaning on Cat machines and technology to bring it all to life.

The Next Generation Cat Wheel Loaders will redefine what it means to be fully loaded – with high production and low-cost-per-ton performance. You want powerful digging, accurate loads, fast cycle times, great technology and fuel efficiency? These wheel loaders will give you all that and more and were integral in the making of Cat Trial 11.

It also highlights Cat services on the five cars:

And the Cat Rental Store has everything you need, no matter what the job. For Cat Trial 11, it supplied the genset that powered the Hot Wheels® Power Booster… giving the cars that extra boost needed to do some amazing drifts. The Cat Rental Store can do the same thing for you.

Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels® highlights the power of play in STEM. The Caterpillar Foundation realizes the importance of both. Play builds confidence, which is critical to building the next generation of innovators, leaders, educators and everything in-between. Jobs in science and technology are some of the fastest-growing worldwide, and innovations in this field are becoming more and more critical for tackling global challenges. Part of the Caterpillar Foundation’s strategy is to focus on human infrastructure, which includes investing in programs to advance workforce readiness, skills development, and STEM education.

To learn more about The Caterpillar Foundation’s partners and initiatives to advance hands on learning in STEM, click HERE.

Imagination is the key to innovating beyond what’s perceived to be impossible. Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels®, pays tribute to STEM, to the power of play and to the toys that have inspired millions to dream big.

Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels®

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