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Power GenerationSmart Monitoring


UTECH Blackbox is the flagship product from GAINWELL. The device interfaces with your generator to provide the following benefits:


  • Fuel Monitoring

  • Oil Pressure Monitoring

  • Engine Temperature Monitoring

  • Instant Alerts Through SMS & Email

  • Battery Voltage Monitoring

  • Power Output Monitoring

  • Historical Records & Report Generation

  • Engine On/Off Status Indicator (Remote Start & Stop)

  • Real Time User Web Portal For Viewing Status

  • Engine Run Time & Engine RPM Monitoring

  • Monitoring Bulk Fuel Tanks, Switch Gear & Other Auxiliary Equipment

  • Remote Shutdown Button Capability


The web portal allows real-time access to vital information about the generator from anywhere and at any time. Critical information regarding generator health and location can bel viewed and alerts will bel sent via SMS to the user warning him of any danger to the generator. Historical information can be viewed through the reporting module within the portal.

UTECH is a National Best Quality ICT Awards (IBQSA) winner in the Industrial category consisting of Manufacturing Engineering and Construction sectors.

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