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Save cost with this All-in-one Solar Pile installation solution and ensure the job is done efficiently and safe…

GROUNDWORK supplies a range of pile driving machines to suit your solar farm construction projects. Built from durable materials and featuring high performance post hammers, our machines will ensure your get the job done fast and save cost on labor. By combining the CHALLENGER 1500 Pile Placer, you will save even more time and labor thanks to the 1500 model’s capability of mechanically dispersing and laying the piles out in the field.


Step 1:

Laying out the piles

Using our CHALLENGER 1500 provides a fast and easy method of dispersing and laying out the piles on your solar farm site in preparation for installation. The 1500 model is capable of loading and unloading piles where they need to be placed using its powerful operating arm and magnet.

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Step 2:

Install the piles into the ground

With our range of CHALLENGER Pile Drivers, You will ensure each pile is installed quick and easy thanks to its powerful hammer (900 – 1450j hammer, depending on the model).

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Optional: GPS Guidance System

Accurately install posts by including the GPS Guidance System

To ensure full efficiency and accuracy, the GPS Guidance system is designed to improve the precision process when installing posts by increasing pile location accuracy. The GPS System can be retrofitted to our range of Post Drivers as well as the CHALLENGER 1500.

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