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BestBatch 2000


The new generation of BestBatch plants, which can produce as much as 160 tph, is MARINI’s answer to market demand.

The BestBatch, designed in Italy and manufactured at MARINI-India, exemplifies modern technology with great performance at an extremely affordable price.


The new generation of BestBatch plants, which can produce as much as 160 tph, is MARINI’s answer to market demand.

The BestBatch, designed in Italy and manufactured at MARINI-India, exemplifies modern technology with great performance at an extremely affordable price.


MAX output
160 t/h
Plant capacity at 3% H2O
160 t/h
Plant capacity at 5% H2O
120 t/h
Cold feeders: type and number
on customer request
Dryer drum
E180 (L=8.5 m/D=1.80 m)
Burner power output
9 MW
Recovered fines hopper
22 t
Filter surface
525 m2
Screen surface total area
4 sel.= 16.5 m2 / 5 sel.= 20.8 m2
Under screen compartments
4 (5 as an option)
Hot aggregate storage under screen
20 t / 52 t
Mixer capacity
2 t
Imported filler storage
on customer request
Bitumen storage
on customer request
HMA storage / compartments
- direct loading
- under mixer:
30 t in 1 compartment
2x30 t in 2 compartments
2x70 t in 2 compartments

- side-by-side storage:
2x30 t in 2 compartments
36 t + 45 t in 2 comprts (optional up to 220 t)
30% RAP into mixer

What makes the plant unique


A compact plant which performs well

The original compact design means optimum site organization. And to the competitive purchase price we can add reduced working / management costs plus low costs of transfer, erection and maintenance.

Easy Transport total safety

BestBatch underlines the importance of transportability, with its containerised modules which make transfer not only quicker, simpler and cheaper, but also much more secure. All the component parts are protected from atmospheric degradation, risks of accidental damage and theft.

Quick Erection

Quick installation and rapid profits

BestBatch distinguishes itself for its quick assembly and dismantling, made possible by the pre-cabling of the electrics for each module, together with the innovative design of the drum/filter unit which allows almost total integration of the parts.

Essentiality and Technology

Simple and functional

This is the perfect plant for clients who need to produce asphalt and complete the laying operations in the shortest time possible, wherever the delivery site location may be. The modular design, even in its basic version, provides all the necessary fundamentals for managing and producing asphalt mixes. In addition, at any later date, extra metering systems can be integrated for all types of additive, high percentages of RAP into the mixer, plus modern warm mix asphalt kits.

Simple to Use and Maintain

Simple to use and comfortable spaces for easy maintenance

Conceived to minimize training time of operators and staff on site, BestBatch is easy to use and hard working round the clock. It is built with care and entirely manufactured at MARINI-India with high quality, long-lasting materials for constant work regimes.

Dryer-Filter unit

The filter is positioned directly above the dryer, which rationalizes the flow of gas and materials that require filtering. Ground space is optimized to allow good traffic circulation and refuelling operations.

Highly efficient dryer drum

  • The dryer drum is made from special steel and saw welded.
  • The length of the cylinder, the velocity of the gases,the form and position of the paddles are optimized to grant adequate heat transfer and a low level of energy consumption.
  • A probe placed on the discharge chute guarantees constant control of aggregate temperature
  • The aggregate discharge chute is protected by wear resistant plates (on request).
  • The highly resistant stainless steel flight system is bolted to make maintenance interventions easier
  • 4 motor operated systems command the start-up.
  • Quick and easy conformance of the drum with external screw adjustments.
  • External cladding with alluminium sheet on dryer drum; rock wool insulation (on request).


The burner dryer unit is designed to provide high thermal yield by optimizing fuel consumption and limitation of CO2 emissions.

Its characteristics are:

  • Simple, reliable and efficient closed burner.
  • Automatic operation of lighting and regulation of heat, on the basis of the temperature of the aggregates discharged from dryer.
  • Automatic start-up and heat-regulation operations, depending on temperature of aggregates discharged from mixer.
  • Suitable for all types of fuel on the market: diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, natural gas, coal dust.
  • Mechanical/electronic control of air/fuel ratio.

Gas filtering

The high performance filter system together with an adequate fines storage system mean that the environmental regulations can be fully respected while a high-quality final product can also be obtained.

Technical Specifications

The combustion gases in the drum are transferred to the filter connected to the dryer, together with the fines. These gases reach the bag filter which filters the recovered fine material and discharges only clean air. The automatic cleaning of the bags with counter-flow air causes the fines to detach and fall through gravity.


Special attention is paid to safety, especially nowadays when plants produce special asphalts, such as RAP mixes. A double control at the filter entrance leads to the burner being turning off should the temperature be too high. The system can also be fitted with fresh air devices, on request, as a further safety measure.


A pre-separator can be integrated into the filter (optional) to separate out the oversize fines, which can then be fed directly into the hot aggregate elevator.

Recovered fines circuit

Two different solutions are adopted depending on the position of the finished product storage bins, which can be on the side of or underneath the mixer:

  • In the first case the recovered fines are fed directly from the storage bin, located under the filter, to the weigh hopper via a screw conveyor.
  • in the second case, the recovered fines are fed from the storage hopper to a surge hopper via an elevator, then later transferred into the weigh hopper via a screw conveyor (not valid for BB 1500)

Mixing tower

Correct screening and precise metering are essential requirements for asphalt production. Comfortable points of access in the various tower modules allow easy maintenance interventions.

Hot elevator

  • For feeding aggregates from dryer drum to the screen.
  • Self-adjusting belt tension (with counterweights).
  • Sealed chain tension system.
  • Double chain (marine) operation, easy maintenance (option single roller chain).
  • Safe and easy maintenance at foot of elevator.

Vibrating screen

  • 4,5 or 6 screens depending on model.
  • Completely bolted frame.
  • Automatic adjustment of mesh tension.
  • External mounted vibrators for easy maintenance.
  • All screens factory tested for upwards of 24 hours.

Under screen storage

  • One or more models with variable capacity, depending on production requirements.
  • By-pass stored in sand hopper.

Bitumen metering

The bitumen metering (by gravity) allows the type of binder to be quickly changed, with no loss of material. The weigh hopper is mounted on load cell for maximum precision. It is emptied by an electrically heated throttle, operated by an electro-pneumatic jack.

Additive metering

The mixer is set up for use with any kind of additive in various bag sizes, which means that all types of asphalt mixes can be produced (modified bitumen, warm mixes, etc.).

RAP metering into mixer

Before entering the mixer, the material is weighed on a belt placed on weigh cells.

To allow the expulsion of the water vapour which forms when the RAP is fed into the mixer, the plant is fitted with specially designed pipes connecting to the bag filter.

Aggregate and fines metering

Both the aggregates and fines/filler are metered on special scales.


The system of double shaft mixer operation consists of two gear motors directly coupled to the shafts with metal-bracket synchronized coupling. The arms and paddles are honeycomb shaped for the longest wear resistance.


  • Bolted-on arms and paddles are easily replaced.
  • Simple greasing of mixer on individual points.
  • Safe and easy access for maintenance.
  • Direct motorization, without transmission belts.

Plant Layout

BestBatch 2000

  • Feeding and Weighing of virgin aggregates
  • Dryer-Filter Tower
    - Dryer Drum
    - Recovered Storage Silo
    - Bag Filter
    - Chimney
  • Mixing Tower
    - Hot Elevator
    - Vibrating Screen
    - Hot Aggregate Bins
    - Weighing Units - Mixer
  • Control Cabin and Automation
  • Bitumen Feeding and Weighing System

MARINI offers its customers the experience and professionalism of a team of experts, capable of offering consultancy and finding solutions regarding retrofitting, service, spare parts, training.

We can work together to:

  • Renovate old plants with the integration of new components.
  • Improve plant efficiency.
  • Increase plant capacity.
  • Bring the plant up to current emission and eco-standards.
  • Add kits and other packages to benefit from recycling.
  • Implement modern technologies for warm mix asphalts.


New technical solutions for existing plants, replacement of obsolete or dated technologies, new life to parts needing replacement, upgrade to improve and complete the asphalt plant to give it a new lease of industrial life: this is the target of retrofitting.

Together with our team of experts and consultants, customers can identify the best solutions to achieve reliability and quick return on investment.


Expertise and professionalism of the MARINI team is the core of service, perfectly integrated in our CUSTOMER SUPPORT programme, with the aim of creating an ongoing relationship of excellence.

Prompt efficiency, competence and knowledge support the day by day work and activities of our customers and plants all over the world.

Spare parts

Thanks to the experience accumulated over many decades and the expertise of its staff, MARINI is in a position to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

The company can trace and supply spare parts also for plants which are out-of-production and when this is not possible our experts can always provide the best alternative technical solutions.

Customers can access our online parts catalogues from MARINI official website and inquire about parts availability and price at any time. Remember only genuine original MARINI spare parts and accessories guarantee reliability and high performance to your asphalt plant.


Well prepared and competent staff guarantee the productivity and reliability of the plant. This is why we have designed a package of four different training programmes, implemented in the new Training Academy or directly on site.

MARINI training programmes:

  • A basic course for asphalt plant operators.
  • How to manage and run the dryer burner.
  • How to maintain the Asphalt Plant.
  • CYBERTRONIC: the MARINI control system
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