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The MAC SMART is designed to give you high quality asphalt and higher profits. Engineered with smart features, it maximizes your savings by reducing energy consumption and set you apart from the rest. Delivers mixes that outrun your reputation and transforms massive amounts of waste into gold through smart-recycling. This eco-friendly plant helps you rapidly round-off your projects with a high productivity index and minimum pollutants, evolving to help you win your future with amazing confidence. What more do you need? The MAC SMART is all you need!


The MAC SMART is designed to give you high quality asphalt and higher profits. Engineered with smart features, it maximizes your savings by reducing energy consumption and set you apart from the rest. Delivers mixes that outrun your reputation and transforms massive amounts of waste into gold through smart-recycling. This eco-friendly plant helps you rapidly round-off your projects with a high productivity index and minimum pollutants, evolving to help you win your future with amazing confidence. What more do you need? The MAC SMART is all you need!

MAC Smart Range

MAC 140
140 TPH
Upto - 60%
MAC 160
160 TPH
Upto - 60%
MAC 180
180 TPH
Upto - 60%
MAC 200
200 TPH
Upto - 60%

Recycling rates indicated are for options that need no major change on the plant.

Contact us for options with rates higher than the aforesaid rates.

What makes the MAC Smart unique

Energy Saving Technology

Produce more & save more

Can you be profitable without being efficient?

MAC SMART helps you achieve exactly that by setting higher efficiency standards in the Industry. Smartly engineered units like the new Marini smart-dryer coupled with the most modern, safe, and efficient blue-ar burner, in addition to waste heat recovery systems, and smart energy saving process designs ensure unbeatable savings. This puts you in an enviable position for making higher profits.

High-Quality Mix Production

Outstanding quality to flaunt your work

You work is a mirror of your professionalism. MAC SMART delivers the best mix quality in the industry, by offering 5+1 aggregate grades for precise tuning of finer sizes, arrest rut formations with the rut-arrestor technology, meet exacting gradation with accurate weighing systems and produce mixes with anti-ageing technology mixers, delivering pavements that outlasts your reputation and your competition.

Great Productivity and Performance

Produce more & produce non-stop

Marini plants are enviably know for their productivity, performance, and promised results. Customers look for reliability and repeatability in their plants; components that make up the plant, particularly alloyed materials are robustly built to perform even under duress. Configured for extreme ASEAN operations, it ensures non-stop performance with no delays while you are paving your roads to success.

Smart Recycling

Saving the ecology was never so profitable

Recycling asphalt and protecting the environment are no more an option. Don't be left out while everyone's saving using recycling technology. To meet all your present and future needs, the MAC SMART arrives ready to process from a small percentage of RAP to up to 100%, as and when you need.

Easy Transport & Set-Up

Smart is fast

Bid good-bye to cumbersome plant components, ducts, numerous interfaces, civil works, and the time required to set them up. MAC SMART is designed with some of the smartest modules for quick set-up with minimal efforts. Save your energies to generate more business.

Smart Evolution

Lead the change

Staying ahead to the pack calls for continuous innovation. Sustain your leadership by developing quality products made possible by the process-controls offered on the MAC SMART. You could well set the tone by setting new trends and benchmarks in the market by embodying technologies that give hot and cold recycling, warm mix asphalts, cold mixes, modified mixes, as well as specific mixes.

High Quality Mix Production

A smart pavement is a high-quality, eco-sensitive pavement, engineered with reduced costs. MAC SMART features the all new screening and mixing unit design - a premier in this class, that combines with the smart fines sorting and advanced weighing controls for precise metering, delivering pavements that take your fame across time.

Advanced drying system & coating technology

The second-generation dryer design fortifies the MAC SMART dryer with advanced drying technology that allows for thorough drying and moisture removal from wet aggregates. Integrated with a powerful, extended mixing index mixer unit, it delivers supreme quality coating, giving you a stable asphalt film. This explains why Marini produced mixes are superior.

Advanced sorting to deliver enhanced performance

Proportion of finer sized aggregates in the hot mix is critical and can be potent in altering pavement performance. However, MAC SMART is configured to offer you the highest number of sorted aggregates & filler distinctions in its class, and render perfect control and tuning abilities over your entire gradation range, presenting you with high performing pavements you so desire.

Bleed and rut arrestor

Improper weighing and uncontrolled fines can lead to excessive bitumen, leading to pavements bleeding. This requires re-work and maintenance that ultimately erodes your profits. MAC SMART with its dual bitumen metering and tri-point fines controsl system guarantee the mix you produce do not bleed your profits nor take away your peace.

Segregation arrestor

Better controls on finer sizes allows designers to design open graded mixes, resulting in massive savings through smart mix technology. A well thought segregation arrestor comes handy in such instances that pre-empts structural damages due to segregation, leading to a longer pavement expectancy. Ideal for best quality mix and perfectly smooth rides.

Pavement longevity

Since you want high performance perpetual pavements, MAC SMARTs innovative solution to some age-old problems related to mix deterioration, is a rage. The state-of-the art designed mixer unit and bitumen circuits root out the problem to deliver longer pavement life. High-end technologies like PROFIMIX and DURARAP could also be opted for enhancing the performance and life of your pavements.

Smart quality control tools

Online testing and quality checks on the MAC SMART are easy and quick. Quality sample ports on hot bins allow for an instantaneous check on graded materials. Quick-call load cell system lets you quickly and perfectly calibrate for the entire weighing range. High precision sampling ports for rap inputs guarantee accurate recipe measurements. Weighing systems, over-sized protection, no-flow alarms and online grizzlys on cold feeders further supplement accurate control of non-free-flowing cold bins.

Energy Saving Technology

To be smart is to be efficient. As rising energy costs can downgrade your profits, MAC SMART incorporates the smartest ideas in energy conservation technology to deliver higher levels of efficiency and savings, surpassing the already established high benchmarks of the MAC.

Drying efficiently

Since over 75% of your hot mix processing costs is directly linked to energy consumption, we have refined the dryer-burner and filter trio to get you and unbeatable-in-class efficient dryer.

The smart dryer drum with unique veiling technology confirms maximum heat transfer to aggregates and minimum heat dissipation. While the energy conserving filter unit reduces thermal demands, the blue-air assisted burner guarantees finest atomisation and energy release from the fuel, giving you the best-in-class efficiency and profitability.

Waste heat recovery

Why waste when you can save, as every drop saved adds to your profits. Contrary to the traditional mixing plants, the heat dissipated from the dryer drum and other hot surfaces is smartly recovered or conserved on the MAC SMART, helping you save thousands of litres of fuel each year.

Thermally engineered gas flow

Long routes consume more fuel. The short and smart gas-flow routs on the MAC SMART is 80% shorter to conventional asphalt plants resulting in energy savings, reduced downtime, and freedom from clogging. It is time to bid good bye to long, cumbersome & heat dissipating ducts - Get Mac Smart and be Smart!

Energy efficient fines handling

Why make fines travel long distances and loose thermal energy, which later requires over-heating of virgin aggregates and additional fuel consumption to attain desirable hot mix temperatures. MAC SMARTs fines circuit cuts energy costs by over 50% and has 60% lesser moving components to maintain compared to traditional plants. Now that's smart, isn't it?

Advanced burner technology

The MAC SMART embodies advanced Burner technology that delivers the highest atomisation for best-in-class efficiency, optimum flame dimensions and heat transfer along with the next generation air to fuel ratio controls, rendering you unmatched efficiency and performances.

Energy Conservation

Each unit on the MAC SMART is engineered to conserve energy. Latest power transmission technology, power efficient drives, next generation electronics and power controllers in addition to anti-heat dissipation technology ensure that every drop of energy spent on the equipment is frugally utilised.

Easy Transport & Set-Up

It's time for smart concepts and bid good-bye to some traditional and cumbersome ways of set up, maintenance and production of the asphalt plants.

Smart and easy

MAC SMART introduces SMART units that need minimal inputs for assemble and commissioning at site. Each module is intuitively designed with unique assembly systems, giving you an easy and pleasurable experience during set up. Compact ducts and time-efficient complex assembly modules in place of unwieldy ducts and time consuming complex assemblies paves the way for a quick set up of asphalt plant.

Terrain ready

The MAC SMART is dimensioned in a way that you can take the plant to any distance and height. Do you want and installation done on a hill? Or you think it's unreachable? The MAC SMART's modular and innovative transport dimensions allow you to use standard tracks or trailers for carriage sans any additional transportation cost.

Factory Pre-Wired & Pre-Plumbed

The MAC Smart arrives pre-wired, tested, and pre-plumbed. Modular cabling results in easy connection and reduces your set up time. Major units, pre-wired with cable trays and routes allow quick set up once the plant reaches the jobsite.

Zero underground cables

MAC Smart lets you go higher in profits. We therefore, have eliminated under-ground cables, eradicating the need for digging up the ground unnecessarily. All cables come with pre-defined cable trays for you to get started speedily and move out with ease from one site to another.

Super quick erection

Asphalt plants due to their humungous size use a wide variety of structures. With smart designs, we have refined and redefined these structures to help you handle them with great ease and transport them in the most economical way. These smart features aid in reducing crane usage and foster quicker set up. Time is money and these features are a great benefit to you by oowering your set up costs and enhancing your profits.

Minimal civil works

The MAC SMART comes with a uniquely designed steel bases that require no civil foundation or structures, alleviating the erection time and relocation of an asphalt plant. The investment in these bases saves your time and effort of burying the civil works each time you relocate, augmenting your profits ultimately.

Reduced interfaces with integrated designs

More interfaces mean more assembly time, more costs, risk of mismatches, and more of everything. The MAC SMART therefore, features some of the most amazingly designed integrated concepts to make sure you stay focused on getting more business without any hiccups.

Smart Recycling

All roads are to be maintained, preserved, and rehabilitated after a period. MAC SMART offers smart techniques to produce high quality & durable recycled asphalt mixes at lower production costs, probably the least in the market. These evolution ready designs let you to maximise RAP processing from 0-100% and helps you in producing the greenest mixes of high profitability index.

Durable recycled pavements

A compromised recycled mix leads to poor quality pavements that can decline rapidly and affect your returns. With over 30 years of experience, The MAC SMARTs armed with technology that has been developed, designed, and deployed in over thousands of installations world-wide to deliver the most durable pavement while ensuring protection to virgin and reclaimed bitumen in addition to having the industry's finest control on gradation and fines content. Proprietary Marini technology like PROFIMIX can augment the life and durability of your recycled pavements.

High quality recycled mixes

Our knowledge and uniquely vast experience on asphalt recycling provides us with an unparalleled perspective of the challenges in recycling. The MAC SMART incorporates some of the smartest and future ready designs like a tower with integrated weighing unit for RAP processing and a dryer drum with innovatively designed flight arrangement to process RAP.

Up to 35% recycling with Marini Dryer Technology

MAC SMART with a special dryer drum can be sued to produce recycled mimes. Processed and sorted rap is accurately weighed and fed directly into a special inlet on the dryer, for a seamless and perfect heating. And uniquely designed dryer flights prevent oxidation and decay of bitumen present in the RAP. Thanks to its innovative design, and with just a small investment, this solution prevents any blockage that could occur during the progressive fusion of the residual bitumen contained in the RAP. This economic and extensively tested solution helps you to use high percentages of RAP: 35% plus in certain cases.

Up to 25% recycling with standard Mixer recycling technology

This standard recycling option lets you add up to 25% RAP in the mix depending on the moisture content and condition of the RAP. The RAP is pre-dosed on weighing scales and fed in to the mixer unit. The graciously designed steam evacuation duct carry the resulting steam / dust back into the bag filter.

Upto 40% recycling with Marini Smart Mixer Recycling Technology

You can also have the MAC SMART with Marini Smart Mixer recycling technology where RAP feeding takes place directly into a remarkably designed mixer. RAP is metered by a controlled weighing device & conveyed on as mart discharge system before being fed into the mixer. Intuitive controls prevent oxidation and protection of virgin bitumen, while at the same time pre-empting clogging of ducts resulting in a high-quality mix. This solution allows for the screening of virgin aggregates, as the RAP follows a separate circuit. The percentage of RAP addition here can be as high as 40%.

Smart High content recycling for up to 50% RAP

Dual line of recycling with dedicated treatment of fine and coarse RAP helps you to use up to 50% of RAP under favourable conditions. This comes across as the most economical and smartest solution without the need for an alternate RAP drying drum, a feature unique to Marini plants. Flexibility in RAP processing, high quality mix, conformance to high environmental standards, easy to operate, easy relocation from site to site are unbeatable features.

Smart Evolution

The MAC SMART lets you upgrade its basic configuration in commensurate with your need. It lets you play with your imagination and gives you the freedom to retrofit components to the plant based on your market perception and requirements.


MAC SMART comes ready to process all types of recycling to satiate your hunger for sustainability and eco-friendly operations. Move easily from 0-35% recycling rates in just one step and graduate up to 50% recycling without any major investments or modifications on the equipment. The MAC SMART is thoughtfully designed to accommodate each aspect of your growth in sustainability including mechanical fitments like steam evacuation ducts, specially designed integrated RAP weighing hoppers, and innovative dryer drum and screening unit.

Warm mix production

MAC SMART can be configured to include any of the following for producing warm mix asphalt.

With Solid additives: Additives can be injected in the form of powders or pellets into the mixer. They are stored in a dedicated skid mounted silo and are metered automatically during plant operation.

With Liquid additives: Skid mounted liquid additive system can also be used for production of warm mix asphalt. Integrated tanks, pumps and a well-designed system confirms to a hassle-free production. Suitable for a wide range of additives.

With form Bitumen: Foaming technology offered by the Fayat group is one of the most unique and reliable ways of producing warm mix asphalt without the need for additional investments, unlike in the case of additives. With over 500 installations world-wide, this system produces high quality warm mix on demand, economically with extremely low maintenance requirements.

Stone matrix asphalt (SMA)

Configure the SMART easily to produce SMA's with a simple and easy to transport skid mounted add-on unit. The evolution ready control unit allows precise metering and injection of additives without having the need for an expensive software-upgrade.

Special asphalt mixes

Liquid additives can be fed into the mixer unit automatically in precisely graded quantities. It can be anti-stripping additives, performance enhancers, pigments, emulsions, or foam bitumen. The plant evolves seamlessly with just a few simple add-ons.

Smart Hot-bin enhancement

An additional capacity hot bin gives you an edge over your rivals during asphalt production. Serving as a buffer, it ensures top-class efficiency with stable levels in between to facilitate good mix proportions. Keeps the mixer unit closer to the ground for easy maintenance etc. All these and more without any sticky problems of a small hot mix silo under the mixer.

Additional screened component

The flexible screening unit on the medium sized MAC SMARTs lets you add one more section for screening the aggregates without having the need to change the vibrating screen. This feature permits you to fine tune and segregate your fines content in the hot mix to produce coarser mixes and deliver high performing pavements.

Great Performance & Reliability

MARINI MACs are purposefully designed for non-stop performance. Over 50 plus years of experience & the most advanced European equipment technology is built into each part of the product ot deliver high quality asphalt.

Heavy duty dryer unit

Exceptionally engineered were resistant ally components guarantee that the MAC SMART dryer perform tirelessly for millions of tons. Tough and heavy duty rollers with mono-forged trunnion rings and pressurised expansion springs ensure a noise-free working condition for hours together.

Thorough bred mixer unit

The MAC SMART includes a powerful mixer unit that's designed and engineered for tough operating conditions heavy duty applications, specifically during Cold RAP mixing operation.

The mixer embodies industry' largest and stronges tpaddles and arms for achieving the best-in-class mixing index for a top class & well coated mix delivery. Liners and ere parts made in extra-thick alloys, along with a specially designed gear box ensure top notch performance.

Extra-large screening unit

Precise screening of materials is significant in the production of high quality asphalt. The uncompromising screening unit is machined to deliver the highest quality screened aggregates. Fully enclosed vibrator units mounted on a notable robust structural member ensure top-notch vibration and perfect sorting of the aggregates. With zero maintenance components, the screen works effortlessly and lets you focus on gaining more business and profits.

High performance bag filter unit

Strict compliance to stringent and higher environmental standards in addition to the demand for durable asphalt mixes calls for a high-performance filtration and smart fines recovery systems. The acclimatised dual-stage filter design with filter cages & proprietary filtering elements built from specifically treated anti-rust alloys, reflect Marini's ingenuity and decades of engineering experience. Reliable and positive filter de-dusting system, devoid or rotors and maintenance prone components confirm to a well cleaned filtration system and unclogged plant operation.

Top-class plant management

Marini control systems are high on reliability and repeatability. Plant software refined over 3000 plus operating sits world-wide and decades of experience ensure bug-free performance. Built with Europe's best quality controls and automation system, each component is sized to meet European standards and performance requirements.

The new CYBERTRONIC control system manages all of plant's calibration, production, and maintenance operations. Its user-friendliness lets you trace all production parameters with ease. Modern informatics allow exchange of production date in numerous popular formats apart from IT enabled services that allow for remote assistance and support for all your distant site operations.

Mindful of what matters to professionals in the road building sector, we are constantly on the lookout and continue to engage with customers through 24x7 service support, which is just a call away.

After sales service & assistance

For extending the life of your installations, our well trained and experienced support engineers carry out all the activities including but not restricted to commissioning and preventive maintenance. Customised service packages are available to meet your project specific needs. You could reach an expert and committed engineers over phone and have the software run through remote assistance in the case of breakdown or emergency. Assistance on-site can also bel swiftly arranged wherever necessary.

Spare parts assistance

To ensure non-stop performance of your equipment, high quality performance parts are stocked at various locations close to you. Our genuine parts are engineered as worthy substitutes to give your the performances that matter. Online parts catalogues and hot-lines provide quick access to parts.


Our retrofitting services ensure that your equipment stays up-to-date to meet the site challenges. Replacement of obsolete technologies, fitment of new features, and up-gradation in capacities give a new lease of life to the equipment, leading to greater and smarter profits.

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