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Product Support

Customer service

We can work together to:

  • renovate old plants with the integration of new components
  • improve plant efficiency
  • increase plant capacity
  • bring the plant up to current emission and eco-standards
  • add kits and other packages to benefit from recycling
  • implement modern technologies for warm mix asphalts
product support



New technical solutions for existing plants, replacement of obsolete or dated technologies, new life to parts needing replacement, upgrade to improve and complete the asphalt plant to give it a new lease of industrial life: this is the target of retrofitting.

Together with our team of experts and consultants, customers can identify the best solutions to achieve reliability and quick return on investment.



Expertise and professionalism of the MARINI team is the core of service, perfectly integrated in our CUSTOMER SUPPORT programme, with the aim of creating an ongoing relationship of excellence.

Prompt efficiency, competence and knowledge support the day by day work and activities of our customers and plants all over the world.

Spare parts

Spare Parts

Thanks to the experience accumulated over many decades and the expertise of its staff, MARINI is in a position to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

The company can trace and supply spare parts also for plants which are out-of-production and when this is not possible our experts can always provide the best alternative technical solutions.

Customers can access our online parts catalogues from MARINI official website and inquire about parts availability and price at any time. Remember only genuine original MARINI spare parts and accessories guarantee reliability and high performance to your asphalt plant.

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