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Smart City Infrastructure Solutions

Intelligent Traffic Management System

Our Services & Solutions

A dynamic traffic guidances system is the need of the hour to solve the everlasting problem of traffic congestion.SenseBird’s expertise in the field of Intelligent Traffic Management system helps Establish smart road and envisions to play a pivotal role in revolutionizing traffic management with data focused solutions and integrated approach.

Wireless Traffic Controller (Wi-traC)

  • 1 master controller 3 or 4 slave controllers on every pole
  • Fully automatic and timing based light sequencing
  • Traffic light controller system works on wireless technology
  • Real time clock (RTC) inbuilt
  • No more digging of wires for installation

Red Light Stop-Line Violation & Detection System

  • RLSVDS comprises of Traffic Controller, Detection Sensors, Video Camera, ANPR Camera, Illuminator, Control Electronics, Communication Network & Central Server
  • Snapshot with number plate details and three seconds video is provided as evidence from RLSVDS Server

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

  • ANPR is a highly accurate system which is capable of detecting vehicle number plate without human intervention
  • Car-mounted Appliance Recognizes in Real-Time
  • Verifying recognition results and wanted car database in Real-Time
  • Transmitting Alert Information via wireless network
  • Updating wanted car database through wireless network

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

  • Variable Message signs can be placed in in a wide range of places like Highways, major road junctions and urban arteries.
  • Typically installed at the side or above the roadways, VMS uses text and graphics in monochromes providing traffic information for a variety of situations including emergencies, construction and road closures.
  • It can also be used in cities to communicate events and activities, public office schedules, waste collection, parking availability etc.

Vehicle Actuated Traffic Signals

  • Vehicle Actuated Traffic Signals are introduced to monitor real time traffic volumes on roads and assigning appropriate light-cycle for eliminating traffic congestion.
  • A detector collects live traffic data, which the controller uses to decide the traffic light cycle that the driver responds to.

Traffic Blinkers

  • Traffic Blinkers help in the movement and orderly flow of traffic by giving them the right way
  • They not only make car traffic a lot safer but also pedestrian traffic
  • They help reduce the number of accidents and make collisions at intersections a lot less frequent.

Water Treatment Solutions

Sewer Rehabilitation

We understand that waste water management is essential component of smart city. We have partnered with Onsite India, one of the largest and most experienced sewerage services providers in India.Together we provides a wide range of specialist services and solutions associated with waste water management to water utilities, other major infrastructure owners and industrial clients.

Sewer Rehabilitation by CIPP Lining technology

CIPP Lining Technology is a trenchless technology which had introduced a new way to handle sewer. It is a widely used and trusted technology because-

  • It is trenchless and causes no damage to floors, structures, streets, interior walls and landscapes
  • Massive increase in flow efficiency
  • Repairs pipes with multiple angles and bends
  • Alternative to costly pipe replacements

Leakage Management

With the growing challenges of structure & utility management, we provide consultancy services in leakage management.

  • Cables and probes that directly detect and accurately pinpoint the source of the leak.
  • Graphic mapping that shows the location of any detected leak on a background graphic of your choosing that flashes an icon in the exact location of the detected leak.

CCTV Survey for Sewer& Drainage Rehabilitation

CCTV Surveillance acts as an asset in monitoring the integrity of pipeline systems. It is a desirable technology because-

  • minimises the need for excavation
  • enables greater flexibility and offers the asset owners more potential solutions for any given complexity of problem encountered
  • designed to withstand poor sub-surface conditions

Solar Energy Solutions

Today SenseBird is continuing to develop innovative energy solutions that offer lower operating cost through displacement of conventional fuels resulting in low electricity cost for industries, businesses and communities. We are at forefront of the energy transition, integrating renewable power with smart energy storage and conventional diesel or gas fueled power generation to keep your industries producing, communities developing and people connected. As global fuel prices continue to fluctuate and renewable technologies become increasingly competitive and sophisticated, our solutions are designed to significantly.

Solar Energy System

As global fuel prices continue to fluctuate and renewable technologies become increasingly competitive and sophisticated, our solutions are designed to significantly:

  • Reduce your fuel expenses
  • Decrease harmful emission
  • Achieve favourable payback period

Grid Connected Systms

Grid connected systems are widely used solar technology that is attached to the existing electrical grid enabling a notable reduction in electricity cost and usage.Useful mainly because-

  • Serves as an alternate source of energy
  • Increases possibility to earn, sell and generate revenue from Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC’s)

Off-Grid Connected Systms

Off-Grid connected systems are not connected to the electrical grid, but relies on batteries to store the electricity generated by the solar panel for use when the system is not generating enough to sustain the functions.

  • Acts as a power backup during emergencies
  • Battery storage system ensures it utility at any given point of time
  • Independent of the utility grid and hence lessens the operational cost
  • Lesser maintenance than the conventional street lights
  • Handy and environmental friendly solutions to lighting systems

Safety And Security Solutions

We Offer safety & Security Services For minimizing risks.Our services includes installation,maintenance,certify and document safety and security electronic equipment.These services are designed to enhance performance, deliver protection and create a more aware and secured environment in all desired spaces.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarms are important requisites for security maintenance.

  • Provides early warning for likely situations of fire
  • Flexibility of placement options
  • Remote monitoring helps receiving signals from the monitoring station to which it is connected and send emergency rescue teams and medical help to the.

Digital Surveillance System

We provide digital surveillance system for more safety and security purposes.

  • Advanced monitoring with multiple feeds from any location
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Entry & Exit Automation System

Highlights of the Automatic Entry & Exit System

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag Base Entry
  • Allow Entry of only Authorized Vehicles
  • Record Details of only Authorized Vehicles
  • Record details of visitor vehicles
  • Trcck visitor’s stay
  • Trigger alerts in case of delay
  • Generate reports

Solid Waste Management Solutions

Our services in Solid Waste Management Solutions primarily includes Integrated Collection and Transportation of Solid Waste and Street Sweeping of Waste.We aim at providing solutions for solid waste disposal by recovering materials and generating energy from waste in a cost effective and eco-friendly manner. Also, we offer a comprehensive suite of services from collection, transportation, processing and final disposal.

Waste Collection& Transportation

We provide one-stop services for waste collection and transportation and making it easierfor the organizations and minimizing the risk for contamination.

Our service sectors include-

  • Municipal waste collection
  • Commercial and Industrial waste collection
  • Construction and Demolition waste collection
  • Bio-hazardous waste collection

Street Sweeping of Waste

Collecting wastes through street weeping is another solution that we provide for solid waste management.

  • Cost effective and efficient technology
  • Time saving
  • Road maintenance becomes much easier

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