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Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•SSM)

Why use Gainwell S.O.SSM Services?

S•O•SSM Services from Gainwell is a valuable resource that cares for and improves your equipment management and helps you maximize component life. Our S•O•SSM Services are designed to identify problems before they become major repairs. Early detection is the key to reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Check out S•O•SSM Services from Gainwell and see how the difference counts.

Machine fluid samples are collected from the machines at regular intervals by our service technicians and send to our S•O•SSM Lab . By analyzing the oil samples, it is possible to assess the health of lube oil as well as health of the component. (Hydraulic, engine, transmission etc.).

6 Reasons to Choose CAT® S•O•SSM Services

If you don’t have a strong fluid analysis program or you’re sampling with another lab, here are six compelling reasons why Cat® S•O•SSM Services beats the rest.

Get Results you can Trust

The S.O.S Services process is built by Caterpillar scientists and backed by product engineers. Our worldwide testing standards ensure consistent quality so you receive accurate, detailed results every time.

See Sophisticated Trend Analysis

We evaluate your sample based upon complete product knowledge, fluid properties and analysis of millions of data points – with more than 7 million samples tested each year.

Our Experts Care about your Bottom Line

Cat can set a sampling schedule tailored to you needs, and integrate it into a robust equipment management program. Not only will you same by fixing issues before failure, you can optimize operations to control costs.

Enjoy Complete Condition Knowledge

Your fluid data is integrated with other vital condition monitoring information-giving you insights into health, performance, location and more. (And with global software, you can seamlessly sample with any Caterpillar lab and get a complete history.)

Mixed Fleet? We have you Covered

Our team knows engines and components better than anyone, whether made by us or another manufacturer. In fact, about 25% of all samples come from equipment other than Cat. We’re your total solution for mixed fleets.

We’re Built for every Type of Fluid & Application

Caterpillar handles oil, coolant and diesel fuel sampling for all kinds of equipment from power generation to pipeline, mining to marine and more.

Role of Gainwell S•O•SSM Lab

  • Gainwell’s S•O•S Lab is state-of-the art with most modern instruments that deliver enhanced capabilities in areas of analysis and reporting.
  • Gainwell S•O•S Lab has processed more than 3 Lac of fluid samples.
  • Gainwell S•O•S Lab has saved many machines from premature failure, reduced machine downtime with increased availability.

4 Things to Find in Equipment Fluids

During S•O•SSM Services analysis, multiple tests are performed on engine, hydraulic and drive train oils-plus coolants, too. They can reveal a lot.

Component Wear Rate

Why we do it: Each oil-washed system has a particular concentration of wear metals produced during normal operation. By evaluating wear inside the lubricated compartment, we can see if rates are normal or not. (For example, high levels of iron and chrome can stem from problems with your engine’s cylinder liners and / or piston rings.)

What are we looking for?

  • Wear metals – including iron, lead, copper, aluminum & chrome.
  • Silicon – can indicate dirt entry depending on local soil conditions.
  • Sodium – potential indicator of water or coolant entry.

Oil Condition

Why we do it: Wear occurs when oil depletes its additives and begins to deteriorate. This can damage components in oil-washed compartments. So its’ important to know if the oil has reached the end of its useful life.

What are we looking for?

  • Viscosity (how the oil flows) – too low & wear can occur, too high & oil won’t do its job.
  • Oxidation (oxygen molecules joining with lubricant molecules) – in diesel engines, oxidation can trigger sticking piston rings; in hydraulics, oxidized lubricants will increase pump wear & damage valves.
  • Sulfation (sulfur combining with water during diesel fuel combustion) – can corrode valves, cylinder liners & more.
  • Nitration (generally a problem in natural gas engines) – may result in oil filter plugging, crankcase deposits & other issues.

Oil Contamination

Why we do it: This robust analysis involving several tests can determine if anything harmful has entered the oil.

What are we looking for?

  • Soot (from partially burned fuel) – can plug oil filters & cause engine wear.
  • Fuel – can come from the combustion process & cause low viscosity.
  • Water (such as from condensation, leaks, wet conditions) – can cause wear, rust & sludge.
  • Coolant – can contaminate engine oil.

Oil Identification

Why we do it: The wrong fluid in the wrong compartment can affect performance and lube protection or even severely damage major components. To tell if it’s the right fluid, it’s important to take an accurate sample with the right labeling.

What are we looking for:

  • Viscosity – is it optimal for the geared compartment & your application?
  • Additive chemistry – is the oil appropriate based on its unique chemical makeup?

Case Study: Component Wear due to Contamination

Model: Off Highway Truck / Compartment: Wheel Bearing

S•O•SSM Services VS. The Competition

Some equipment manufacturers offer fluid sampling services, but they’re often outsourced to third parties.

No other OEM offers the in-house capabilities we do.

S•O•S Services Third Party Labs
In House Analysis Farmed out by OEMs.
Dealer Sampling Services Some OEMs
Asset-Specific Recommendations No knowledge of Cat equipment or components.
Knowledge of Cat Metallurgy N/A
Component Wear Tables Lack historical data based on tens of millions of samples.
Global Network of In-House Experts Not able to leverage Caterpillar's enterprise resources and knowledge.

*Comparison of fluid sampling services offered by third-party labs and OEMs, as described in their available marketing materials.


What is going on inside the equipment. It enables you to predict wear-related problems, allowing greater flexibility in repair scheduling and downtime control. S•O•SSM Services tracks the wear of components, oil performance, and condition.


Repair time and availability using the S•O•SSM Services Report as a guide, troubleshooting time is often reduced, enabling a serviceman to go directly to the core of the problem. You can be assured that parts and shop time are readily available.


Oil change intervals.


Component life and equipment availability, thus reducing downtime and increasing productivity and profitability.

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