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Extracting Coal Affordably, Economically and Safely

About Highwall Mining

Linking underground and surface mining operations, the Gainwell Highwall Mining system is a testament to versatile mining equipment. It offers a safe and innovative method for extracting coal from exposed seams in a multitude of applications.

The Gainwell Highwall Mining system offers an innovative and efficient method for extracting coal from exposed seams in a multitude of applications.

  • mid cutter module

    Mid-Seam Cutter Module

    The cutter modules are interchangeable and quickly attached to the highwall mining system.

    Low Profile Cutter Module (LPCM)

    This proven technology allows the cutter module to accurately follow the coal seam and produce a product near inherent ash levels.

    High Seam Cutter Module

    The cutting cycle is fully automated, yet allows the operator to manually adjust the machine function using an ampere.
  • Product Support

    Product Support

    Gainwell can arrange equipment maintenance as well as operational and technical training which covers every aspect of GHWM300M Highwall Miner.
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Highwall Mining system

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