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6 Sigma

In 2002, we deployed 6 Sigma to overcome business challenges and drive transactional and transformational changes across the organization. Our 6 Sigma approach has been built on the foundation of “Customer First”, with the fundamental assumption that most things done to increase customer satisfaction will have a favorable downstream effect on business.

In line with CPS(Caterpillar Production System) for Dealers, we have adopted the Vision 2020 of Caterpillar in our bid to drive excellence in the designated three top priorities of Safety, Quality and Velocity, and integrate our operating, cultural and management systems to achieve maximum synergy.

In the eight years between 2002 and 2010 that we undertook 6 Sigma projects jointly with Caterpillar India Team, we have been able to improve our business processes, align our actions with strategy, measure bottom line impact, and transform how people work in our relentless quest for perfection in meeting customer needs.

We have trained our leaders and front line managers in CPS guiding principles and methodologies. Our success in these initiatives is reflected in Reduction of Overdue Outstanding & Workshop Cycle Time, Improvement in Service Response Time & Mean Time to Repair, Parts Sales Growth, and numerous other intangible benefits.

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