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Our Values

Our Core Values

Our vision is become a responsible corporate citizen, valued by customers, respected by principals, and worthy of high esteem of all stakeholders. We will achieve this by manufacturing world class products, represent global leaders and build a world class service organization. We will focus on growth opportunities resulting from India’s Infrastructure build, and leverage rentals & used equipment. The unstinted commitment and relentless contribution of each employee will translate into positive growth for the company every year.

Our Values at Work

Gainwell is committed to excellence in customer experience through its team of dedicated & engaged employees who are constantly driven by the Values of the organisation. These values form the foundational cornerstones on which the superstructure of the Gainwell organisation has been built. It is this Value framework of Customer Centricity, Professional & Personal caring of the employees and Collaboration amongst Gainwell citizens, Entrepreneurial orientation of its members and demonstration of Excellence in all its actions that constantly drives Gainwell towards achieving a sustainable competitive advantage and market leadership in this ever dynamic business environment. Upholding and living by the values of the institution with unwavering commitment by its employees has always ensured that Gainwell is future ready to meet all its challenges.

Vision & Values

Values Driving Gainwell:

  1. Customer centricity
    Creating superior customer relationship to drive business sustainability
  2. Collaboration
    Working in a team to achieve common goal
  3. Caring
    A positive workplace with respect, empathy and well-being for others
  4. Entrepreneurship
    Providing an empowering environment to facilitate independence and decision making
  5. Excellence
    Adding value to every activity to achieve higher level of standards across the organisation

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