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LEED Platinum

With environmental sustainability and welfare of both employees and society as the vision, Gainwell along with an efficient and creative architectural team conceptualised ‘Unnati’, the Northern Integrated Facility of the organisation. Spread over 5.16 acres of land, Unnati has been designed with the vision of creating and inspiring a workplace with minimal ecological footprint and energizing work environment where one does not feel restricted in thought or in movement and where each one can ideate and collaborate with their teams. This is a LEED Platinum building reflecting our commitment to the socio-ecological needs, as it is built for Zero emission, Zero waste, Zero water discharge and is significantly supported by Solar Energy. Unnati is equipped with the following ‘Green’ features:

  • Controlled Daylighting
  • Reduced Artificial Lighting
  • Shaded Windows
  • Insulated walls
  • Efficient Air Conditioning System supported by Radiant Cooling with tempered fresh air
  • A Roof Garden

The complex has a 160 KW Photo Voltaic Array for harnessing Solar energy, reducing dependence on electricity and supporting reuse and recycling of energy. Water Conservation with zero water discharge: Unnati is equipped to harvest, conserve, treat / clean and reuse rain water.

Waste Management: Our premise converts organic waste into compost, inorganic waste to recycling trade and toxic waste for safe disposal. Unnati is truly a green infrastructure with variety of local flora and fauna growing on our premises.

For the welfare of our employees and the society, the complex houses a world class training facility and a skill development center for training operators and technicians within and outside Gainwell, especially those from the weaker sections.

Unnati workshop is fully equipped to help customers achieve optimum component life & reliability through world class rebuildpractices.

The facility is equipped to rebuild engine & drive train components to factory standards & offers component repairs & exchange of components assemblies to support quick re-commissioning of the machine & ensuring with highest up time of machine.

At unnati workshop component repairs & rebuilds are undertaken in a dust & contamination free environment. The unnati workshop is a state-of-the-art-facility.

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