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Maintenance & Repair Contract (MARC)

Maximum productivity with minimum cost

Maintenance & Repair Contract (MARC) Solution from GCPL ensures highest equipment Availability at lowest Cost per Ton.

MARC may be your best option for maximum productivity and cost savings. We can provide all maintenance and repair for a guaranteed cost per hour for a specified period of time.

Agreements are tailored to fit your situation and can range from simple Preventative Maintenance kits to sophisticated Total Performance Guarantees. MARC can ensure that you achieve the longest possible life at the lowest possible cost.

As on date we have total 12 MARCs (9 in Surface Mining & 3 Underground)

A GCPL MARC contract allows you to concentrate on your core operation while providing benefits such as:

  • Assured Availability
  • High Equipment Reliability
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Condition Monitoring and Contamination Control
  • Equipment Health Management
  • Process driven Maintenance using Best Practices
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Parts planning and on-site inventory
  • Lube Management
  • Oil sampling and testing
  • Services of dedicated qualified technical personnel
  • KPI driven maintenance planning
  • Operator Training
  • Technical Training
  • Truck Payload monitoring and reporting
  • Haul Road condition monitoring and Improvement recommendations

Optional Service

Tyre Management.

Maintenance & Repair Contract (MARC) is a very successful initiative of GCPL for all Caterpillar Customers.

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