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The Cat® 320 GC excavator balances productivity with easy-to-use technology features, a new comfortable cab, reduced fuel consumption by up to 20%, and longer maintenance intervals reducing maintenance costs by up to 20% to bring you a durable, low-cost-per-hour excavator for light- to medium-duty applications.

Up To 25% More Fuel Efficient
A precise combination of lower engine speed and a large hydraulic pump delivers top performance while burning less fuel.

Up To 25% Lower Maintenance Costs
With extended and more synchronized maintenance intervals, you get more done at a lower cost compared to the previous model.

Improved Reliability and Efficiency
An advanced electro-hydraulic system provides the optimum balance of power and efficiency while giving you the control you need for precise digging requirements.


Swing Drive
6 L
Net Power
ISO 9249:2007
104 mm
113 mm
5.76 L
Engine Power
ISO 14396:2002
Engine Model

Service Refill Capacities

Counterweight Clearance
1020 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity
350 L
Swing Drive (each)
6 L
Hydraulic System (Including Tank)
230 L
Final Drive - Each
5 L
Engine Oil with Filter
18 L
Cooling System
19 L


Cab/ROPS (optional)
ISO 12117-2:2008
Cab/FOGS (optional)
ISO 10262:1998 Level II
ISO 10265:2008

Hydraulic System

Maximum Pressure - Travel
35000 kPa
Maximum Pressure - Swing
25000 kPa
Pilot System - Maximum Pressure
3900 kPa
Main System - Maximum Flow (Total)
400 L/min
Maximum Pressure - Equipment
35000 kPa
Boom Cylinder - Bore
125 mm
Boom Cylinder - Stroke
1260 mm
Stick Cylinder - Bore
130 mm
Stick Cylinder - Stroke
1504 mm
Bucket Cylinder - Bore
115 mm
Bucket Cylinder - Stroke
1104 mm


Maximum Drawbar Pull
152 kN
Maximum Travel Speed
3.8 km/h
Maximum Gradeability

Sound Performance

ISO 6395 (External)
102 dB(A)
ISO 6396 (Inside Cab)
72 dB(A)


Length to Center of Rollers
3270 mm
Track Gauge
Standard Undercarriage 2200 mm
Reach 5.7 m (18'8")
R2.25 (7'5")
Shipping Height (top of cab)
3100 mm
Shipping Length
9520 mm
Tail Swing Radius
2750 mm
Ground Clearance
450 mm
Transport Width – 600 mm (24") Shoes
2800 mm
Handrail Height
2915 mm

Swing Mechanism

Swing Torque
62 kN•m
Swing Speed
10.00 rpm


Standard Track Shoes Width
600 mm
Number of Shoes (each side)
Number of Track Rollers (each side)
Number of Carrier Rollers (each side)

Working Ranges and Forces

Reach 5.7 m (18'8")
R2.25 (7'5")
Maximum Digging Depth
5970 mm
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
9140 mm
Maximum Cutting Height
9110 mm
Maximum Loading Height
6250 mm
Minimum Loading Height
2920 mm
Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8'0") Level Bottom
5640 mm
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth
5350 mm
Bucket Digging Force (ISO)
134 kN
Stick Digging Force (ISO)
112 kN

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