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The Hindustan brand has been recognized in India for over 50 years. It’s sold within the region to compete with other local equipment brands. Gainwell your Cat® dealer for North and East India sell and service these products to customers in a wide variety of industry segments.

The 2021E Small Wheel Loaders set the standard for productivity, fuel efficiency and operator comfort. The improved optimized Z-bar loader linkage delivers the quick loading performance of traditional Z-bar with the parallelism and load handling capability of a tool carrier. Expect high fill factors and reduced fuel consumption per unit with the Hindustan 2021E Wheel Loader. Increased lift height facilitates faster and easier loading. With extended service intervals, you can enjoy more productive time on the job and less downtime.


Gross Power
98 kW (133 hp) @ 2300 rpm
Ashok Leyland
4 Stroke, 6 Cylinder, Water cooled & turbocharged
Max Torque
475 Nm @ 1700 – 1900 rpm


Avtec – TT2221-1
Power shift transmission with mechanically actuated hydraulic control
Travelling speed
Forward: 1st Gear 7.0 kmph; 2nd Gear 25.8 kmph; Reverse: 1st Gear 9.5 kmph

Service Refill Capacities

41 L
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank
24 L
Cooling Systems
23 L
Hydraulic System (Including Tank)
127 L
Engine Crankcase
15 L
Front Axle Oil
20 L
Rear Axle Oil
20 L
Fuel Tank
181 L


Standard Tire
14.00 x 25 – 20 PR E3/L3

Hydraulic System

Loader control
Single lever, Hydraulic joy stick
Lift arm operation
Raise, hold, lower & float
Bucket operations
Rollback, hold & dump
Loader system pressure
213 bar
Steering system pressure
155 bar


Service brake
4 Wheel air actuated brakes with separate circuit for front & rear
Parking brake
Mechanically expanding shoe broke mounted at transmission output shaft
Emergency brake
Uses Service brake, Applies automatically under low air pressure and can also be applied manually

Drive Axles

4 WD with Conventional heavy duty differential with planetary hub reduction
Rear axle oscillation
+/- 11 deg

Operating Dimensions

Height: ground to cab
3207 mm
Height: ground to exhaust
2740 mm
Height: ground to axle center
Height: ground clearance
367 mm
Length: rear axle to bumper
1907 mm
Length: wheel base
2658 mm
Clearance: load over height
3453 mm
Clearance: level bucket
3553 mm
Height: bucket pin
3828 mm
Carry height: bucket pin
460 mm
With: tread centre
1976 mm
With: over tires
2362 mm
Turning radius: outside of tires
5598 mm
Turning radius: inside of tires
2365 mm
Rack angle at full lift
58 deg
Dump angle at full lift
50 deg
Rack angle at carry
50 deg
Departure angle
27 deg
Articulation angle
40 deg

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