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Repair Option

424 Front Axle Bearing Replacement

Repair Indicators

  • Excees play
  • Grease leakage
  • Abnormal Noise
  • Machine Hours
  • Machine Repair History

Features and Benefits

  • Correct Performance Problems
  • Reseal Leaks Prevent Further Damage
  • Use CAT genuine Parts
  • Increase in Productivity

Job Scope

  • Remove and Install required components for Repair
  • Replace all Seals
  • Change – grease
  • Check Operation

Available at Extra Cost

  • Reconditon / Replace hub, Spindle, Tie Rod, Bearings and king pin
  • Welding and Machining
  • Replace / Repair any part not covered in the repair specification
  • Oil / Grease

Require Tools

  • Service Engineer Tool kit

Repair Parts

Part No. Part Name Qty. Group No. Package Cost Job No. Total Labour Models
4402811 Bearing Kit 1 2672531/3588768     6 424Series1 & 424B
      OR Kit Content        
9S3581 Cup 1 3588768/3999246     6 424Series1 & 424B
9S3582 Cone 1 3588768/3999247     6 424Series1 & 424B
9S7949 Cup 1 3588768/3999248     6 424Series1 & 424B
9S7950 Cone 1 3588768/3999249     6 424Series1 & 424B
6V8145 Sleeve 1 3588768/3999250     6 424Series1 & 424B
8T9025 Seal 1 3588768/3999251     6 424Series1 & 424B
3B4631 Cotter 1 3588768/3999252     6 424Series1 & 424B
8B4967 Seal O Ring 1 3588768/3999253     6 424Series1 & 424B

  • Prices valid for 30 days from the date of Quotation. GCPL has the right to change price at any time without any prior notice.
  • Taxes extra as applicable at the time of Invoicing.
  • Job No. includes required parts and standerd labour hrs.
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