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Jhanjra Project sets the national record of single day highest production by Low Height Continuous Miner

Congratulations to Jhanjra Mining team on achieving the national record of highest single day production by Low Height Continuous Miner on 15th December 2021. A special mention goes out for Mahesh Kumar Bind (Project Manager), Ram Lakhan Singh (DPM), Shanawaz Akhtar Ansari (Shift Supervisors), Arindam Samanta (Production Incharge), Mooiz Bhiyani (Production Incharge), Pintu Khan (Engineering Incharge), Sayantan Dutta (Shift Supervisor), Sumit Kumar (Shift Supervisor) and Uday Prasad Sen (Section Engineer) on realizing this feat along with the operators and other shift engineers.

There has been a strong demand from ECL to improve the production and productivity from our continuous miner to meet the sharp uptick in the power demand by the thermal power plants. On 14.12.2021 JMS mining recorded 3240 te production in a single day at Kumardih-B mine of ECL, Bankola area by low height continuous miner, breaking our previous best record of 3100 te set in FY 2019. General Manager, ECL Jhanjra area set this as a benchmark and called on us to surpass this production. The Gainwell LHCM team took it up as a challenge and under the guidance of Mahesh Kumar Bind, Project Manager (LHCM) and Dharmendra Paradkar worked out the plan and ensured 503 shuttle car production in all 3 shifts, extracting 4000 te coal in a single day on 15.12.2021. The team thus surpassed the previous day’s production record set by JMS and also created history in underground coal mining in India with the single day highest production by Low Height Continuous Miner. The team has been commended by General Manager, ECL for this remarkable performance and for adding another milestone at Jhanjra Project Colliery.

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