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Motor Grader

Motor Grader

Built with decades of design experience, you'll find the perfect Cat® motor grader for your grading application. With world-class cabs, advanced hydraulics, control-type options and technology options, you'll complete your grading projects on time and at a lower cost.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Motor Graders is used for flattening surface, spreading, fine grading, levelling soil.

Motor Graders are fitted with scarifier and moldboards in front side. The scarifier will loosen the earth or the material pile. The moldboard is attached with different hydraulic cylinders. These hydraulic cylinders allow the moldboard to roll, pitch & yaw. When the motor grader moves in the forward direction, with the combines motions of those cylinders, the moldboard moves, spread and grade the material.

Capacity of Motor Graders are given with Engine’s power. It varies from 140 hp to 533hp.

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