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Wheel Loader In India

Wheel Loader

Expect high fill factors and reduced fuel consumption per unit with the Small Wheel Loader. Its increased lift height facilitates faster and easier loading. With extended service intervals, you can enjoy more productive time on the job and less downtime.

  1. Hindustan Wheel Loader 2021E
  2. Hindustan Wheel Loader 2021E

    Expect high fill factors and reduced fuel consumption per unit with the Hindustan 2021E Wheel Loader.

    • Highly Reliable & fuel-efficient engine
    • Higher productivity with improved lift height
    • Improved operator environment
    • Low owning & operating cost

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A wheel loader is a 4-wheeled loading equipment, tyre mounted and fitted with a wider bucket on the front side. It is used for handling various types of material (without pushing) like aggregates, coal, sand, asphalt, dirt, snow etc. The size of the bucket for a wheel loader varies from 0.6 cu.m to 24 cu.m.

The wheel loader is used to move materials available on the ground in shorter distances without pushing. (30m to 40m) Ground pile to Ground or Ground pile to pit or Ground pile to truck.

The benefit of using wheel loader is by using a bigger bucket, to move more material in less time. The task of moving materials in shorter distances can be done by a wheel loader in lower time with lesser fuel.

Wheel loaders can be differentiated with the loading attachment mounted in front. The different kind of attachments are, Bucket, Block handlers, Grapplers, etc.

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