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CAT Mining Truck 797F

Whether you’re hauling copper, coal, gold, iron ore or overburden the 797F provides you with the best in class cost per unit of production. Including the improvements in safety, productivity, serviceability and comfort you will see why the 797F is the industry leader of its class. Combine these features with unmatched dealer support and you will see why more mine sites choose Cat Mining Trucks for their production needs.

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Whether you’re hauling copper, coal, gold, iron ore or overburden the 797F provides you with the best in class cost per unit of production. Including the improvements in safety, productivity, serviceability and comfort you will see why the 797F is the industry leader of its class. Combine these features with unmatched dealer support and you will see why more mine sites choose Cat Mining Trucks for their production needs.

Operating Specifications

Nominal Payload Capacity
363 tonne
Top Speed – Loaded
67.6 km/h
Heaped SAE (2:1) Capacity
240-267 m3 (314-350 yd3)
Machine Clearance Turning Diameter
42 m


Steer Angle
40 Degre
Steering Standards
ISO 5010:2007


Engine Model
Cat® C175-20
Gross Power - SAE J1995
2983 kW
175 mm
220 mm
106 L
7195.0 mm
U.S. EPA Compliant. Where applicable, the Cat C175-20 engine is compliant with U.S. EPA emission standards.

Turning Circle

Power ratings apply at 1,750 rpm when tested under the specific conditions for the specified standard.
Ratings based on SAE J1995 standard air conditions of 25° C (77° F) and 99 kPa (29.32 Hg) barometer. Power based on fuel having API gravity of 35 at 16° C (69° F) and an LHV of 42 780 kJ/kg (18,390 Btu/lb) when engine is used at 30° C (38° F).
No low altitude arrangement (LAA) engine derating required up to 2134 m (7,000 ft) altitude.
No high altitude arrangement (HAA) engine derating required up to 4877 m (16,000 ft) altitude.
Refer to the Cat Mining Truck 10/10/20 Payload Policy for maximum gross machine weight limitations.
Body weight varies depending on body and liner configuration. Weight range for known applications.
Chassis weight with 100 percent fuel, hoist, body mounting group, rims and tires.
Double reduction, planetary with full floating axles.
Consult your local Cat dealer for truck body recommendations.
Productive capabilities of the 797F are such that, under certain job conditions, TKPH (TMPH) capabilities of standard tires could be exceeded and, therefore, limit production.

Weights – Approximate

Target Gross Machine Operating Weight (GMW)
623690 kg
Chassis Weight Range
210 630-219 146 kg (464,359-483,134 lb)

Weights - Approximate

Body Weight Range
41 368-61 235 kg (91,200-135,000 lb)


Forward 1
11.3 km/h
Forward 2
15.2 km/h
Forward 3
20.5 km/h
Forward 4
27.7 km/h
Forward 5
37.2 km/h
Forward 6
50.3 km/h
Forward 7
67.6 km/h
11.9 km/h

Final Drives

Differential Ratio
Planetary Ratio
Total Reduction Ratio


Effective Cylinder Stroke – Front
313.6 mm
Effective Cylinder Stroke – Rear
165.1 mm
Rear Axle Oscillation
±4.0 degrees


Number of Discs per Side – Front
Number of Discs per Side – Rear
Outside Diameter
1067 mm
Brake Surface
330517 cm2
ISO 3450:2011

Body Hoists

Pump Flow – High Idle
1200.0 L/min
Relief Valve Setting – Raise
24200.0 kPa
Body Raise Time – High Idle
25.0 Secon
High Idle Body Lower Time – Float
19.0 Secon

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank
3785 L
Cooling System
1160.0 L
319.0 L
Steering Tank
254.0 L
Steering System (Includes Tank)
355.0 L
Brake/Hoist Hydraulic Lines
830.0 L
Brake/Hoist System (Includes Tank)
1600.0 L
Brake/Hoist Tank
770.0 L
1176.0 L
Final Drives, Each
185.0 L
Front Wheels, Each
61.0 L
Torque Converter Sump
303.0 L
Torque Converter/Transmission System (Includes Sump)
629.0 L


Front Canopy Height – Empty
7709.0 mm
Loaded Ground Clearance
786.0 mm
Height to Top of ROPS – Empty
6526.0 mm
Overall Body Length
14802.0 mm
Inside Body Length
9976.0 mm
Overall Length
15080.0 mm
Rear Axle to Tail
3944.0 mm
Dump Clearance
2017.0 mm
Loading Height – Empty
6998.0 mm
Inside Body Depth – Maximum
3363.0 mm
Overall Height – Body Raised
15701.0 mm
Centerline Front Tire Width
6534.0 mm
Engine Guard Clearance – Loaded
1025.0 mm
Overall Canopy Width
9116.0 mm
Outside Body Width
9755.0 mm
Inside Body Width
8513.0 mm
Rear Axle Clearance – Loaded
947.0 mm
Centerline Rear Dual Tire Width
6233.0 mm
Overall Tire Width
9529.0 mm

Operating Weights

Front Axle – Empty
Rear Axle – Empty
Front Axle – Loaded
Rear Axle – Loaded
Front Axle – Empty
Front Axle – Loaded
Rear Axle – Empty
Rear Axle – Loaded

Capacity - Dual Slope - 100% Fill Factor

188-213 m3 (246-290 yd3)

Capacity - MSD II - 100% Fill Factor

Heaped (SAE 2:1)
240-267 m3 (314-350 yd3)


59/80R63 – Michelin or Bridgestone


Sound Standards
The operator sound pressure level measured according to work cycle procedures specified in ISO 6394:2008 and 6396:2008 is 76 dB(A) for cab offered by Caterpillar when properly installed and maintained and tested with doors and windows closed.
Sound Standards
Hearing protection may be needed when operating with an open operator station and cab (when not properly maintained or doors/windows open) for extended periods or in a noisy environment.


ROPS Standards
ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) for cab offered by Caterpillar meets ISO 3471:2008 ROPS criteria.
FOPS Standards
FOPS (Falling Objects Protective Structure) meets ISO 3449:2005 Level II FOPS criteria.

Power Train – Engine

The Cat C175-20 engine provides power, reliability and efficiency for your most demanding mining applications.


The Cat® C175-20 quad turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled diesel engine has enhanced power management capability for maximum hauling performance in your most demanding mining applications.


The C175-20 is a 20 cylinder, single block, four stroke design that uses long, effective power strokes for optimum efficiency.

Emission Standards

Where applicable, the Cat C175-20 engine is compliant with current U.S. EPA emission standards.

Long Life

High displacement, low rpm rating and conservative power ratings mean more time on the haul roads and less time in the shop.

Cat Common Rail Fuel System

The electronically-controlled system senses operating conditions and regulates fuel delivery for optimum fuel efficiency. This precise and flexible fuel system gives the engine the ability to meet emission regulations without sacrificing performance, reliability or durability.

Cooling System

The flexible core design of the MESABI radiator means easier serviceability along with long life and high durability. The MESABI radiator comes standard on the 797F.


The tank on the air start system is ground level for easy serviceability.

Power Train – Transmission

More power to the ground means greater productivity for you.

Mechanical Power Train

The Cat mechanical drive power train and powershift transmission provides you unmatched operating efficiency and control on steep grades, in poor underfoot conditions and on haul roads with high rolling resistance.

1 – Transmission

The Cat seven speed, planetary power shift transmission is matched with the C175-20 engine to deliver you constant power over a wide range of operating speeds.

  • Robust Design – Designed for the higher power of the C175-20 engine, the proven planetary power shift transmission is built tough.
  • Long Life – A dedicated oil tank and circuit provides cooler, cleaner oil for maximum performance and longer component life.

Electronic Clutch Pressure Control

ECPC provides maximum performance, smooth shifting, long clutch life and a more comfortable ride.

2 – Lock-Up Torque Converter

Combines maximum rimpull and cushioned shifting of torque converter drive with the efficiency and performance of direct drive. The lock-up torque converter engages at approximately 8 km/h (5 mph), delivering more power to the wheels.

3 – Final Drives

Cat final drives work as a system with the planetary power shift transmission to deliver maximum power to the ground. Built to withstand the forces of high torque and impact loads, double reduction final drives provide high torque multiplication to further reduce drive train stress.

Engine/Power Train Integration

Electronically combined power train components optimize performance.

Cat Data Link

Reduces your operating costs by electronically integrating the 797’s machine computer systems. This optimizes overall power train performance while increasing reliability and component life.

Body-Up Shift Inhibitor

Prevents the transmission from shifting above the pre-programmed gear without the body fully lowered. The machine can move forward but the speed is limited to avoid excessive racking when pulling away from a dump site.

Overspeed Protection

The transmission control electronically senses engine conditions and automatically up-shifts one gear to prevent engine overspeeding.

Programmable Top Gear

Transmission top gear maximum can be set using the Cat Electronic Technician service tool to help the operator maintain speed limits.

Downshift Inhibitor

Prevents engine overspeeding by keeping the transmission from downshifting until engine speed reaches the downshift point.

Controlled Throttle Shifting

Regulates engine rpm during shifting to reduce power train stress and clutch wear by controlling engine speed, torque converter lock-up and transmission clutch engagement for smoother shifts and longer component life.

Reverse Speed Inhibitor

Prevents shifts into reverse when forward ground speeds are in excess of 4.8 km/h (3 mph).

Cat Braking System

Superior braking control lets your operators focus on productivity.

Integrated Braking System

The Cat, oil-cooled braking system delivers you reliable performance and control in extreme haul road conditions. The integrated system combines the service, secondary, parking brakes and retarding functions in the same system for optimum braking efficiency that does not burn fuel while retarding.

Oil-Cooled Multiple Disc Brakes

Cat four wheel, forced oil-cooled, multiple disc brakes are continuously cooled by water-to-oil heat exchanger for exceptional, non-fading braking and retarding performance.

Brake Design

Cat, oil-cooled disc brakes are designed with large discs and plates for reliable, adjustment-free operation and performance. Brakes are completely enclosed and sealed to prevent contamination and reduce maintenance.

Long Life

An oil film prevents direct contact between the discs. This design absorbs the braking forces by shearing the oil molecules and carrying heat away to extend brake life.

Parking Brake

Oil-cooled, spring-applied, hydraulically released parking brake is applied to all four wheels for superior parking capability on all grades up to 15 percent.

Hydraulic Automatic Retarder Control (ARC)

Hydraulically activated, automatic retarder control system electronically controls retarding on grade to maintain optimum engine rpm and brake system performance. ARC is now adjustable in each gear.

Truck Body Systems

Designed and built for rugged performance and reliability.

Cat Truck Bodies

You have a choice of four MSD II (Mine Specific Design) bodies in conjunction with a configurable liner system to achieve the most efficient hauling solutions at the lowest-cost-per-unit-of-production.

Body Selection

The Cat truck body program is committed to providing you the most efficient and highest value body solution for your operation. By studying your mine site and understanding the overall operational requirements and constraints, the body can be configured to meet the unique needs of your application.


The MSD II bodies are the number one choice in the mining industry. The internal body shells are designed and manufactured for superior impact and wear protection. Coupled with the Caterpillar mine specific design process the MSD II bodies optimize the balance of payload and durability.

Truck Body Liners

A variety of liner options are available to save weight and extend body life through impact and wear management. The mine specific design system is utilized to provide you with the optimum liner for long life at your mine site.


Superior Cat structures in the 797F give you durability and long life.

Box Section Design

The 797F frame uses a box-section design, incorporating two forgings and 14 castings in high stress areas with deep penetrating and continuous wrap-around welds to resist damage from twisting loads without adding extra weight.

  • Steel Structures – Mild steel used throughout frame provides flexibility, durability and resistance to impact loads, even in cold climates and allows for easy field repairs.
  • Castings – Castings account for 80 percent of the frame’s weight and are key to providing durability in some of the world’s toughest conditions. The large radii castings are resilient to frame flexing and ensure long life.

Integral Four-Post Cab

Resiliently mounted to the frame to reduce vibration and sound, the integral ROPS is designed as an extension of the truck frame.

Suspension System

Designed to dissipate haul road and loading impacts for longer frame life and a more comfortable ride.

  • Durable Design – Rugged cylinders utilize large diameter bore and low pressure nitrogen/oil design for long life with minimal maintenance.
  • Front – Front cylinders with preset caster and camber are mounted on the frame and serve as steering kingpins for a tight turning radius with excellent maneuverability and low maintenance.
  • Rear – Rear cylinders allow oscillation and absorb bending and twisting stresses caused by uneven and rough haul roads rather than transmitting them to the main frame.

Four-Bar Link Rear Suspension

The four-bar link suspension transfers and supports loads to the frame more efficiently than an A-frame design and allows more service area around the transmission.

Steering System

Hydraulic steering control system is designed for exceptional smoothness and precise control. A separate circuit prevents cross contamination for long life.

Operator’s Station

Ergonomically designed for all-day comfort, control and productivity.

Operator Environment

You now have the choice to select a cab with the features you desire. There are three choices based on popular arrangements. Available offerings include a Standard Cab, Deluxe Cab or Deluxe Cold Weather Cab.

Ergonomic Layout

To minimize operator fatigue and maximize productivity the all new F Series operator station is ergonomically designed for total machine control in a comfortable, productive and safe environment. Controls, levers, switches and gauges are positioned for ease of use.

Viewing Area

Designed for excellent all-around visibility and clear sight lines to the haul road, the large viewing area offers exceptional visibility, allowing the operator to maneuver with confidence for high productivity. The air cleaners have been relocated to the front of the truck, allowing the operator increased visibility.

Cab Features

  • Air Suspension Seat with Three-Point Operator Restraint
  • Hoist Lever
  • Secondary Brake Pedal
  • Monitoring System
  • Steering Column
  • Transmission Controls
  • Gauges
  • Storage Compartment
  • Air Suspension Trainer Seat
  • Operator Window
  • Operator Controls
  • Heating/Air Conditioning
  • Four-Post ROPS
  • Camera System Monitor (optional)
  • MineStar Monitor (optional)
  • Cup Holder
  • Dome Courtesy Lights

Monitoring System

Keeping your production at peak levels.

VIMS™ 3G Monitoring System

Provides operator critical health and payload information in real-time to keep the 797F performing at optimum levels. VIMS is able to monitor information from all vehicle systems. Ten different machine parameters can be viewed at once. Data can be downloaded easily by service technicians for troubleshooting, planning and lowering costs.

Production and Payload Management

Information is available to manage payloads to improve fleet effectiveness and loading tool match and to prevent overloading to help extend component life and lower operating and maintenance costs.

External Payload Indicators

Standard external lights or optional digital display to help loading tool operator reach payload target and minimize overloading.

Road Analysis Control

Optional system measures frame rack, bias and pitch to help identify haul road problems so they can be repaired. This leads to improved cycle time, component lives and fuel efficiency.


An Off-board software reporting program that allows your service personnel to download a complete record of machine health and productivity data. Health and payload reports can be generated for more effective machine management, which reduces downtime and lowers operating costs.

Advisor Display

The Advisor display provides real-time performance, maintenance and diagnostic data to the operator or service technician. A large number of machine parameters can be viewed including temperature, pressure, speed, and payload.


Features to help protect you, day in and day out.

Product Safety

Caterpillar is constantly improving our product to provide the safest work environment for the operator and those who work on your mine site. Safety is an integral part of all machine and system designs.

Access and Egress

Improvements for machine level access and egress include a standard 600 mm (24 in) diagonal stairway across the front of the machine. Improvements for ground level access include an optional powered access stairway.

Cat Detect System

Knowing what’s around your 797F at all times is important. The Cat Detect system is factory installed as standard equipment on 797F Mining Trucks. The full Cat Detect system, RADAR AND CAMERA, provides both audible and visual indications of detected objects. This system uses a combination of short and medium range radars which surround the machine, along with cameras on each side to allow the operator to confirm the detected object. The cameras supplement the radar alerts and are selectable by touch screen menus through an intuitive interface.

Overload Policy

Safety is integral to maintaining the highest productivity in your mining operations. The Caterpillar 10/10/20 Overload Policy assures that steering and braking systems have sufficient capacity to perform, even at 20 percent overload.

Other Safety Features

  • Slip resistant surfaces
  • 76 mm (3 in) wide orange, three-point operator restraint
  • Wide angle mirrors
  • Body raised indicator
  • Body retaining cables
  • Guard rails
  • Reverse neutralizer when dumping
  • Low interior sound level

Isolation Box

Lockout, tagout box mounted on front bumper includes engine shutdown switch, battery lockout, starter lockout and transmission lockout.



Generations ahead in every way.

Sustainability Features

The 797F Mining Truck offers continuous rear axle filtration, extended life filters and extended maintenance intervals, which aid in decreasing the amount of waste contributed to our environment.

Advanced Surface Technology (AST)

Advanced Surface Technology (AST) is a replacement for hard chrome coatings on some steel parts, including suspension and hoist cylinder rods. This technology improves wear resistance and reduces repair time. Chrome has been eliminated to reduce environmental impact.

Fuel Efficiency

The engine provides additional retarding by running against compression on downhill hauls. During retarding applications the engine ECM does not inject fuel into the cylinders for exceptional fuel economy.

Customer Support

The most experienced dealer network in the world helps keep you up and running.

Commitment Makes the Difference

Cat dealers offer a wide range of solutions, services and products that help you lower costs, enhance productivity and manage your operation more efficiently. From the time you select a piece of Cat equipment until the day you trade or sell it, the support you get from your Cat dealer makes the difference.

Dealer Capability

Cat dealers provide the level of support you need, on a global scale. Dealer expert technicians have the knowledge, experience, training and tooling necessary to handle your repair and maintenance needs, when and where you need them.

Product Support

When Cat products reach the field, they are supported by a worldwide network of parts distribution facilities, dealer service centers and technical training facilities to keep your equipment up and running. Cat customers rely on prompt, dependable parts availability through our global dealer network, ready to meet your needs 24/7.

Service Support

Every piece of Cat equipment is designed and built to provide maximum productivity and operating economy throughout its working life. Cat dealers offer a wide range of service plans that will maximize uptime and return on your investment, including:

  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Diagnostic Programs, such as Scheduled Oil Sampling and Technical Analysis
  • Rebuild and Reman Option
  • Customer Support Agreements

Application Awareness

Operating and maintenance costs are influenced by many application and site-specific factors, such as: material density, loading position, payload, grades, speeds, haul road design and maintenance. Your Cat dealer can provide you with an understanding of the effects application characteristics and operating techniques have on maintenance and operating costs.


Your Cat dealer can arrange training programs to help operator’s improve productivity, decrease downtime, reduce operating costs and enhance safety.


Reduced maintenance time results in more productivity.

Servicing Ease

Easy access to daily service points simplifies servicing and reduces your time spent on regular maintenance procedures. Enhanced serviceability and long service intervals are designed to increase machine availability and productivity.

In-Frame Access

Gives you easy access to major components for easy servicing and removal.

Ground Level Access

Grouped ground level points allow you convenient servicing of tanks, filters, drains, batteries, AutoLube system, pressure taps, screens, fluid sight gauges and engine shutdown. Ground level VIMS data port permits easier downloading of information.


Automatic lubrication system reduces your maintenance time by automatically lubricating necessary components on a regular basis.

Scheduled Oil Sampling

S·O·SSM sampling valves speed sampling and analysis reliability.

Sealed Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors are sealed to lock out dust and moisture. Harnesses are braided for protection. Wires are color-coded for easy diagnosis and repair.

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