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CAT Off-Highway Truck 777

The Off-Highway Truck represents a new era for this size class from Caterpillar. We designed and manufactured a truck that is reliable, economical and offers comfort, confi dence as well as control for the operator. The customer’s long-term success is our goal. With E Series trucks, we’re on the right road.

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The Off-Highway Truck represents a new era for this size class from Caterpillar. We designed and manufactured a truck that is reliable, economical and offers comfort, confi dence as well as control for the operator. The customer’s long-term success is our goal. With E Series trucks, we’re on the right road.


Engine Speed
1750 rpm
Engine Power - ISO 14396:2002
749 kW
145 mm
Net Torque @ 1,300 rpm
4757 N·m
Gross Power - SAE J1995:2014
758 kW
162 mm
Net Torque Rise
Net Power - SAE J1349:2011
708 kW
32.1 L
Engine Model

Body Hoists

Pump Flow – High Idle
491 L/min
Body Raise Time – High Idle
15 secon

Weight Distributions – Approximate

Front Axle – Empty/Loaded
Rear Axle – Empty/Loaded


Forward 3
19.8 km/h
Forward 4
26.7 km/h
Reverse 1
12.1 km/h
Forward 5
36.2 km/h
Forward 6
36.2 km/h
Forward 7
65.9 km/h
Forward 1
10.7 km/h
Forward 2
14.6 km/h

Service Refill Capacities

Transmission System
122 L
Torque Converter/Brake/Hoist Hydraulic Tank
385 L
113.5 L
Final Drives (each)
42 L
Fuel Tank Capacity
1140 L
Steering System (Includes Tank)
59 L
Cooling Systems
212 L


Maximum Payload (110%)
108022 kg
Maximum Allowable Payload (MAP) (120%)
117842 kg
Target Gross Machine Weight
163360 kg
Body System Weight
16070 kg
Empty Machine Operating Weight
65158 kg
Target Payload
98202 kg


Standard Tire
27.00R49 (E4)


Sound Standards
ISO 6393:2008, SAE J1166:2008

Capacity - Dual Slope - 100% Fill Factor

Heaped 2:1 (SAE)
60.1 m3
43.1 m3


Rear Axle Oscillation
Effective Cylinder Stroke – Front
318 mm
Effective Cylinder Stroke – Rear
165 mm


Steer Angle
Turning Circle Clearance Diameter
28.4 m
Turning Diameter – Front
25.3 m
Steering Standard
ISO 5010:2007


Brake Standard
ISO 3450:2011
Brake Surface Area Front Caliper
2787 cm2
Brake Surface Area Front OCDB
40846 cm2
Brake Surface Area - Rear
102116 cm2

Final Drives

Differential Ratio
Total Reduction Ratio
Planetary Ratio


A Focus on Personnel

The 777E is designed to minimize slips and falls, providing fi rm footing and stability.

  • Ground level Engine and Machine lockout controls
  • Integrated access system with handrails for three points of contact
  • Aggressive tread plate on all step areas with lighted access for night operation

Confidence and Control

Confi dent operators will move material quickly, effi ciently and profi tably.

  • Wet Disc Braking on rear wheels is standard
  • Integrated park brake for slope holding capability
  • Manual Retarder provides better speed control on downhill grades - Automatic Retarding Control is optional
  • Traction Control System if equipped, improves control in poor underfoot conditions

Key Features

  • Rollover and Falling Object Protection is an extension of the truck frame
  • Emergency egress available through the right-side hinged window
  • Laminated glass is used in the front and left-side windows
  • Ground level engine shutdown
  • Integrated four-point seat belt, with reminder
  • Trainer seat with lap belt facilitates on-the-job training
  • Excellent visibility with mirror, lighting, and camera options
  • Gear limiting during body up operations

Operator Work Environment

The all new 777E operator station interior is ergonomically designed for total machine control in a comfortable, productive and safe environment.


  • A newly designed interior operator interior station is ergonomically designed for total machine control, comfortable and safe environment
  • Cat Comfort Seat with air suspension and retractable four-point harness is adjustable and secure
  • Outstanding visibility with mirror, camera, and lighting options
  • Left-side power window
  • HVAC is standard


The Advisor display and VIMS™ software are important reporting tools that help you analyze:

  • Productivity, haul road effi ciency, operator skill with TPMS installed
  • Fuel use, cycle times, idle time
  • Machine health and events


From improved visibility to helpful technology, it’s never been easier to be so productive.

  • Excellent visibility and clear sight lines to the haul road.
  • Cat systems include features to help the operator control ground speed, engine speed, braking on grade, traction, even fuel consumption, for greater confi dence and higher productivity

Environmental Responsibility

Burning less fuel, extending the service life of components like fi lters, tires or fl uids, even using remanufactured parts, are all environmentally friendly. They are also bottom line friendly, reducing your operating costs while reducing the impact on our world.

Fuel Economy

The 777E fuel saving strategies fi nd opportunities to reduce fuel burn and fuel costs

  • Meets U.S. EPA Tier 2 Equivalent emission standards
  • Certifi ed for China Nonroad Stage III emission standards
  • Economy Mode modifi es engine maps to take advantage of steady grades and level ground, reducing power and fuel burn
  • Programmable top gear/speed to help operators maintain speed limits and save fuel
  • Speed Limiting automatically selects the most fuel effi cient gear and speed for the terrain instantaneously
  • Engine Idle Shutdown identifi es when the truck is in park and idles for more than a preset time and initiates engine shutdown to conserve fuel

Component Life

  • Engine Oil Service Interval increased to 500 hours
  • Remanufactured parts are an economical and eco-friendly alternative to new
  • Castings and box-section frame construction ensure long life
  • Delayed Engine Shutdown prevents hot shutdowns that can reduce component life


The 777E will haul your material faster and more effi ciently with increases in torque, new transmission controls and higher travel speeds.

  • New transmission controls carry more torque through the shifts, producing faster cycle times, most noticeably on grades
  • An increase in travel speed in 7th gear also helps generate faster cycle times

Updated Cat C32 ACERT™

  • Seven percent more usable torque improving performance and cycle times
  • Cat MEUI™ injectors improve fuel effi ciency and load response
  • Excellent high-altitude capability
  • The C32 ACERT is carefully balanced with vibration controls that reduce noise and protect against unnecessary harmonics
  • Ground level engine shutdown switch for safety


The ECPC (Electronic Clutch Pressure Control) Transmission with controlled throttle shifting regulates engine speed, torque converter lock-up and clutch engagement. The result is smoother shifts, reduced clutch wear and longer component life.

  • Downshift Inhibitor prevents engine over speeding by keeping the transmission from downshifting until engine speed reaches the downshift point


The front dry calipers with rear oil-cooled multiple disc brakes deliver reliable performance and control in the most extreme haul-road conditions.

Automatic Retarder Control (ARC) (optional)

ARC controls braking on grade electronically, maintaining consistent engine speed, lower fuel burn, and better control.

Engine Over Speed Protection

Electronically senses engine conditions and automatically up-shifts one gear to prevent over speeding. If over speeding occurs in the top gear, the lock-up clutch is disengaged, and the brakes are applied.

Traction Control System (TCS) (optional)

The Traction Control System controls rear wheel slip for greater traction and enhanced truck performance in poor underfoot conditions. If slippage exceeds a set limit, rear wet brakes slow the spinning wheel and torque is transferred to the tractive wheel for optimum control.


Structural Strength

The 777E frame uses a proven box-section design that resists damage from twisting loads without adding extra weight. Castings have large radii with internal reinforcing ribs to dissipate stress and move welds to lower stress areas for longer frame life.

  • Mild steel used throughout frame provides fl exibility, durability and resistance to impact loads, even in cold climates, and allows for easy fi eld repairs
  • The open design allows easy access to power train components, reducing removal and installation time, and lowering overall repair costs
  • The integral ROPS structure is designed as an extension of the truck frame, resiliently mounted to the main frame to reduce vibration and sound


Designed to dissipate haul road and loading impacts for longer frame life and a more comfortable ride.

  • Front spindles and wheels are rigidly mounted to the cylinder rods for reliable operation and long life
  • Rear wheel spindles are solid steel for longer life, and the rear suspension cylinders have been inverted to minimize contamination. These rugged cylinders use large diameter bore and low pressure nitrogen/oil design for long life with minimal maintenance


Cat integrated steering and suspension system is designed for precise steering, excellent maneuverability, minimal tire wear and superior ride control.

  • The steering linkage is designed to provide good feedback to the operator
  • The Cat king pin front suspension system maintains steering tolerances and tire alignment
  • The steering system is separate from the main hydraulic system to prevent cross-contamination and overheating from other sources
  • Main hydraulic steering system is backed by a battery powered secondary steering system that allows up to three 90° turns in case of engine failure
    - System automatically engages when needed

Body Options

Dual Slope Body

  • Excellent material retention and stability in steep slope haul profi les
  • Heaped capacity of 60.1 m⊃3; (78.8 yd⊃3;) in standard confi guration
  • Material is carried low and centered for stability
  • Different sized sideboards are available to increase capacity for lighter weight materials
  • 400 BHN steel on interior surfaces offers excellent wear characteristics
  • Body liner options are available to help extend the body system’s life

X Body

If you’re feeding a crusher, the fl at fl oor of the X Body is an excellent choice for metering material.

  • The X Body also offers excellent material retention and stability
  • Steel liners are available for wear protection

Service Convenience

Easy access to daily service points simplifi es servicing and reduces time spent on regular maintenance procedures. Enhanced serviceability and extended service intervals are designed to increase machine availability and productivity.

Service Center – Electrical Connections

  • Master disconnect switch
  • Engine lockout switch
  • Machine lockout switch
  • Breaker access

Diagnostic Capability

  • Critical power train data, including transmission shifting, engine speed and fuel consumption, provides service technicians with enhanced diagnostic capability to reduce downtime and operating costs
  • Cat ET service tool provides service technicians with easy access to stored diagnostic data through the Cat Data Link

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