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CAT Track Type Tractors D9R

Engineered for demanding work.

The D9R’s durable construction is made for tough working conditions. It keeps material moving with the reliability and low operating costs you expect from Cat® tractors.

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Engineered for demanding work.

The D9R’s durable construction is made for tough working conditions. It keeps material moving with the reliability and low operating costs you expect from Cat® tractors.


Net Power - SAE J1349/ISO 9249
302 kW
Gross Power
330 kW
137 mm
152 mm
18 L
Engine Model
Cat 3408C


Shipping Weight
36 154 kg
Operating Weight
48 784 kg


Track Gauge
2250 mm
Shoe Type
Extreme Service
Width of Shoe
610 mm
Grouser Height
84 mm
240 mm
Ground Contact Area
4.24 m2
Track Rollers/Side
Length of Track on Ground
3474 mm
Ground Clearance
591 mm

Service Refill Capacities

Engine Crankcase
45.5 L
Hydraulic Tank
77.2 L
Power Train
164 L
Final Drive (each)
15 L
Cooling Systems
125 L
Roller Frames - Each
45 L
Pivot Shaft Compartment
30 L
Fuel Tank Size
889 L


Width without Trunnions (Standard Shoe)
2898 mm
Width Over Trunnions
3308 mm
Height (FOPS Cab)
3821 mm
Track Length
2250 mm
Height (Top of Stack)
4005 mm
Height (ROPS/Canopy)
3998 mm
Drawbar Height (Center of Clevis)
765 mm
Length of Track on Ground
3474 mm
Overall Length Basic Tractor
4908 mm
Length Basic Tractor with Drawbar
5243 mm
Length Basic Tractor with Winch
5545 mm
Length with SU-Blade
6592 mm
Length with U-Blade
6931 mm
Length with Single-Shank Ripper
6529 mm
Length with Multi-Shank Ripper
6539 mm
Overall Length (SU-Blade/SS Ripper)
8214 mm
Ground Clearance
588 mm


1 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000)
725 N
2 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000)
400 N
3 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000)
218 N
1 Forward
3.9 km/h
2 Forward
6.8 km/h
3 Forward
11.9 km/h
1 Reverse
4.8 km/h
2 Reverse
8.4 km/h
3 Reverse
14.7 km/h

Hydraulic Controls

Pump Output
Tilt Cylinder Relief Valve Setting
19 300 kPa
Ripper (Lift) Relief Valve Setting
19 300 kPa
Ripper (Pitch) Relief Valve Setting
26 200 kPa
Pump Type
Piston-type geared from fl ywheel
Bulldozer Relief Valve Setting
26 200 kPa
Pump Output (Implement)
239 L/mi
Tilt Cylinder Rod End Flow
137 L/mi
Tilt Cylinder Head End Flow
167 L/mi


Winch Model
1790 kg
Oil Capacity
15 L
Increased Tractor Length
559 mm
Winch Case Width
1171 mm
Drum Width
337 mm
Flange Diameter
610 mm


Capacity (SAE J1265)
13.5 m3
Width (over end bits)
4310 mm
1934 mm
Digging Depth
606 mm
Ground Clearance
1422 mm
Maximum Tilt
940 mm
Weight* (without hydraulic controls)
6543 kg
Total Operating Weight** (with Blade and Single-Shank Ripper)
48 784 kg

Blades Type 9U

Capacity (SAE J1265)
16.4 m3
Width (over end bits)
4650 mm
1934 mm
Digging Depth
606 mm
Ground Clearance
1422 mm
Maximum Tilt
1014 mm
Weight* (without hydraulic controls)
7134 kg
Total Operating Weight** (with Blade and Single-Shank Ripper)
49 392 kg


Delivers excellent reliability and durability for years of service.

3408C DITA Engine

The 3408C engine is a field proven engine that delivers excellent reliability and durability in all applications.

High Torque Rise

The 18 liter engine delivers a high torque rise, providing excellent lugging capacity to move heavier loads more effi ciently.


The mechanically controlled engine provides ease of diagnostics in remote areas where diagnostic tools may not be available.


Designed to be rebuilt over and over. Tolerant of many different levels of fuel and oil quality.

High Tensile Strength Block

The 3408C block is cast from high-tensile-strength gray iron. The one piece casting is stabilized to maintain internal dimensions under all operating conditions.

Four Valve Cylinder Heads

The engine uses two intake and two exhaust valves with hardened valve faces that are designed to be reground. Rotators turn the valves about three degrees each lift to distribute wear and maintain heat transfer. Valve stems are made from hardened, chrome plated steel to provide excellent wear and heat resistance.


An internal top-deck cooling shelf increases coolant flow to the top of the cylinders for long cylinder liner and piston life. The deep-skirted lower structure and heavy internal ribbing add strength and rigidity to the block.

Carbon Steel Forged Crankshaft

The crankshaft is a carbon steel forging, fully heat-treated, super-finished and dynamically balanced.

Advanced Modular Cooling System

Superior cooling in the most demanding work conditions.

Two Pass Cooling System

Circulates coolant from the sectioned bottom tank up through one side of the cooling element and down through the other side returning it to the bottom tank.

Modular Design

The cooling elements are individual core modules that are connected to a sectioned bottom tank. There is no top tank to remove.

  • With standard 9 steel fins per inch, a lower fin density reduces plugging.
  • Brass tube construction within each core for improved reliability.
  • Optional core configurations are available for high ambient and/or high wear applications.

Easy Serviceability

Servicing of the AMOCS can be performed without tilting the radiator guard. Each core module can be replaced individually (without removing the entire radiator),saving considerable cost and repair time.

Protection From Leaks

To reduce the potential for coolant leaks, brass tubes are welded to a large, thick header, improving strength of the tube-to-header joint. In conditions where abrasive materials can be airborne, the attachment sand blast grid should be used to prevent core damage.


Delivers the performance you expect from a Cat® machine.


The proven Cat planetary power shift transmission operates with three speeds forward and three speeds reverse. With this design, many gears share the load as it gets transferred to the axles. In contrast, with a countershaft transmission, just one gear carries the load.

Single Lever Control

One lever controls both machine speed and direction, easing operator fatigue in demanding applications.

Bevel Gear Design

Helical and spiral bevel transfer gears reduce operator and spectator sound levels by design as well as location, being placed within the rear case of the machine.

Oil Cooled Clutch Packs

The transmission features large oil-cooled clutch packs that efficiently absorb the energy of directional shifts for smooth machine performance and excellent operator comfort. Proprietary F37 clutch material extends clutch life, especially in applications where extensive maneuvering is used to maintain peak machine productivity. This material also minimizes transmission oil contamination compared to materials used in other manufacturers’ transmissions.

Separate Transmission Oil Reservoir

The transmission oil sump is separate from both final drive reservoirs, controlling cross contamination in the event of a failure of either system. This allows the use of modular components to maximize uptime over the life of the tractor.

Clutch/Brake Steering

With clutch/brake steering, hand levers combine steering clutch disengagement and braking for each track.


In terms of serviceability, the planetary transmission provides significant advantages. The modular design simplifi es removal and installation. Since the bevel gears and pinions are manufactured to such a high degree of accuracy, they do not need to be lapped and mated into sets, reducing repair costs.

Torque Divider

Provides optimum operator efficiency and driveline reliability.

Torque Divider Performance

An improved single-stage torque converter sends 75% of engine torque through a converter and 25% through a direct drive shaft for greater driveline efficiency and higher torque multiplication. The torque divider provides improved efficiency and a broader range of performance in second gear dozing and scraper push loading.

Operating Efficiency and Driveline Reliability

The torque divider shields the driveline from sudden torque shocks and vibration.

Freewheel Stator

Improves torque divider efficiency. During machine operation under low drawbar loads, the stator is permitted to rotate to achieve peak efficiency. The result is a reduction in heat and an increase in fuel effi ciency.

Key Benefits of Torque Dividers

  • High reliability.
  • Proven component design.
  • Low dynamic torque.
  • Optimum combination of operator effi ciency and driveline reliability.
  • Components are designed to absorb full engine power.
  • High torque multiplication to get heavy loads moving.

Additional Feedback

A minor, but important, by-product of the torque divider is its tendency to increase engine lug all the way to converter stall. This gives the operator additional feedback concerning tractor speed and drawbar pull.

Operator Station

Designed for comfort and ease of operation.

Monitoring System

Provides the operator instant feedback on the condition of operating systems and records performance data to help diagnose problems. Gauges monitor the temperature of the engine coolant, hydraulic oil, power train oil, and fuel level. Includes alert indicators that monitor engine oil pressure, coolant flow, electrical system and transmission oil filter.

Comfortable Operation

An optional isolation-mounted cab reduces noise and vibration. The Cat Comfort Series Seat is fully adjustable and designed for comfort and support. The seat and back cushions are thicker to reduce pressure on the lower back and thighs while allowing unrestricted arm and leg movement.

Clear Full-Circle View

A tapered hood and “notched” fuel tank give the operator a clear line of sight to the front and rear work areas. The low rear window lets the operator see the ripper tip. The large single-pane door windows allow clear sight to each side without leaning.

Interior Storage and Amenities

Includes intermittent windshield wipers, 12-volt power outlet, first aid kit storage, inside door releases, lunch box tie-downs, cup holder, console pads, standard 24 to 12 volt converter, speakers and antenna.

Isolation-Mounted Operators Platform

The D9R features an isolation-mounted operators platform with standard ROPS/FOPS.


Engineered for maximum production and service life.


The D9R mainframe is built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces.

Heavy Steel Castings

Heavy steel castings give added strength to the main case, equalizer bar saddle, front cross member and tag-link trunnion.

Frame Rails

Full box section, designed to keep components rigidly aligned.

Top and Bottom Rails

Continuous rolled sections with no machining or welding providing superior mainframe durability.

Main Case

Elevates the final drives well above the ground level work area to protect them from impact loads, abrasion and contaminants.

Pivot Shaft and Pinned Equalizer Bar

Maintain track roller frame alignment.


Designed for better machine balance and component life.

Suspended Undercarriage Design

Absorbs impact loads to reduce the shock loads transferred to the undercarriage by up to 50%.

Bogie Suspension

Provides more ground contact, especially in hard, uneven terrain. Higher traction means less slippage, better balance, and a smoother ride.

Rollers and Idlers

Feature symmetric Duo-Cone™ seals. Idler caps have an additional third bolt in the abutment-style joint.

Roller Frames

Tubular design resists bending and twisting and includes added reinforcement where operating loads are the highest. Alignment is optimized for undercarriage wear, and increased track frame adjustment length provides more wear material for use, extending link and roller wear life.

Elevated Sprocket

Transfers implement shock loads to the mainframe and allows the sprockets, final drives, axles and steering components to perform without absorbing excessive punishment. This allows Cat tractors to work harder and last longer than competitors’ machines. The sprocket segment design increases the life of both the segment and track bushing.


The elevated sprocket allows more track to the rear of the roller frame, increasing traction and flotation and counteracting front-end rise during heavy dozing and drawbar applications. With more track on the ground, the D9R delivers exceptional balance, stability, and traction for excellent dozer penetration and productive ripping

Positive Pin Retention (PPR) Sealed and Lubricated Track

Designed for high-impact and high load applications. The PPR exclusive Caterpillar design locks the link to the pin reducing the opportunity for premature loss of lubrication. Sealed design permanently coats the track pin with lubricant, minimizing metal-to-metal contact and virtually eliminating internal pin and bushing wear.

Other Feature

  • Large pivot shaft bushings operate in an oil reservoir.
  • A low friction, no maintenance bushing is used in the saddle connection.
  • Resilient pads restrain equalizer bar oscillation.
  • Idler Guards (optional), increase undercarriage life.

Work Tools

Work Tools provide the flexibility to match the machine to the job.


Blades are made of Cat DH-2™ steel with high tensile strength and stands up to the most severe applications. Heavy moldboard construction and bolt-on cutting edges and end bits add strength and durability.

  • Universal Blade – Efficient at moving big loads over long distances.
  • Semi-Universal Blade – Built for tough applications in tightly packed material where penetration is important.
  • Optional Dual Tilt – Allows the operator to optimize the blade pitch angle for each portion of the dozing cycle.
  • Cutting Edges and End Bits – Cutting edges are DH-2™ steel. End bits are DH-3™ to provide maximum service life in tough materials.


  • Multi-Shank Ripper – Tailors the tractor to the material by using one, two or three shanks.
  • Single-Shank Ripper – Operator can adjust the shank depth from the seat using an optional single shank pin puller. Large one-piece shank, available in deep rip configuration.

Single Lever Control

A single lever controls all blade movements, including the optional dual tilt.


Tag-Link construction brings the blade closer to the machine for more precise dozing and load control. The tag-link design provides solid lateral stability and better cylinder positions for constant pryout independent of blade height.

Heel Clearance

Works well in hard-to-penetrate material because of excellent heel clearance.

Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

A large range of Ground Engaging Tools are offered.


Automatically adjusts work tool hydraulic power to maximize machine effi ciency.


The most serviceable machines from the most committed dealers. Built-In

Built-In Servicing Ease

Major components are made as modules and can be removed without disturbing or removing others.

Spin-On Filters

Spin-on fuel and engine oil filters save changing time. Further time is saved with fast fuel and quick oil change attachments.

Electrical Connectors

To improve electrical system reliability and servicing, sealed electrical connectors are used in most locations. The harness connectors lock out dust and moisture better than “bullet” or “metal twist” connectors.

Ecology Drains

Provide an environmentally safer method to drain fluids. Included on the radiator, hydraulic tank and major power train components.

Easier Maintenance and Repair

Experience easier maintenance and repair through monitoring key functions and logging critical indicators. Electronic diagnostic access is possible with a single tool, the Electronic Technician (Cat ET).

Quick Disconnect Fittings

Allow for fast diagnosis of the power train and implement oil systems.

Fuel Tank

Increased fuel tank capacity for a full, non-stop shift between refills. Fast fuel attachment with positive fuel shut-off to prevent fuel spillage.

Customer Support

The Cat dealer network keeps your fleet up and running.

Dealer Commitment

Dealers committed to fast, quality customer support. Your Cat dealer’s investment in service begins with the fastest and most complete parts availability in the industry.


Your dealer is also an expert at arranging affordable lease, rental or purchase financing for all Caterpillar products. Consider the financing options available as well as the day-to-day operating costs.

Machine Selection

Make detailed comparisons of the machines you are considering before you buy. How long do components last? What is the cost of preventive maintenance? What is the true cost of lost production? Your Cat dealer can give you answers to these questions.


Repair, rebuild, or replace? Your Cat dealer can help evaluate the cost involved so you can make the right choice.

Product Support

Plan for effective maintenance before buying equipment. Choose from your dealer’s wide range of maintenance services at the time you purchase your machine. Programs such as Custom Track Service (CTS), S•O•SSM analysis, Technical Analysis and guaranteed maintenance contracts give peak life and performance to your machine.

Parts Program

You will find nearly all parts at your dealer parts counter. Cat dealers use a world-wide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine down time. Ask about your Cat dealer’s exchange program for major components. This can shorten repair time and lower costs.

Remanufactured Components

Save money with remanufactured parts. You receive the same warranty and reliability as new products at a cost savings of 40 to 70 percent.

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