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CAT Face Conveyor - PF7

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Typical Technical Data AFC Line Pan

Top Plate Thickness
30 + 25 mm (1.18 + 0.98 in)
Bottom Plate Thickness
30.0 mm
Dogbone Breaking Force
4500.0 kN
Bottom Plate Thickness
30.0 mm

Technical Data

Chain Strands
DKB 60×135/181
Conveying Capacity - approximate
1.15 m2
Deck Plate Thickness
30 + 25 mm (1.18 + 0.98 in)
Dogbone Breaking Strength
4500 kN (505.82 tonf)
Dogbone Housing FoS
1.5 times
Flightbar Width
1388.0 mm
Horizontal Articulation
Line Pan Width
1542.0 mm
Profile Height
350.0 mm
Shear Strength
> 6000 kN (> 674.43 tonf)
Vertical Articulation
up to ±6°

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