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CAT Backhoe Loader 424 - 2 Wheel Drive

The Cat® 424 Backhoe Loader- 2 Wheel Drive is powered by a Caterpillar BS-V engine that’s been tried and tested with customers across India. Our new engine technology, delivers peak torque as high as 424Nm with an optimal engine capacity of 3.6L, assisting with improved fuel efficiency as well as performance. This machine uses 10% less fuel than our previous Backhoe Loader without compromising on power. You can save a further 10% in fuel by switching the machine to Eco Mode.

The 424 is also the first Backhoe Loader in India to meet the engine emissions regulations set for 2024. This means that the engine offers long-term peace of mind, performance and value whether you plan to keep or resell. The Cat® 424- 2 wheel drive backhoe loader delivers exceptional performance, superior fuel efficiency and a comfortable, safe and spacious operator station.

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Now you can have it all, with the new 424 Backhoe Loader.

  • Fast and powerful performance with parallel lift design on the loader side and excavator style boom design on the hoe side.
  • Up to 20%* improved fuel efficiency in Eco Mode.
  • High-torque, reliable Cat® engine, full-comfort cab with advanced safety features.
  • Make your work easier with a versatile Cat hammer, multi-purpose bucket and air-con.

Add a Caterpillar hammer

Add a robust Cat hammer to your 424 and we’ll throw in peace of mind for free: the hammer is covered by your machine’s warranty. This extra tool increases the versatility of your machine.

Select a multi-purpose bucket

The 424 Backhoe Loader comes with a general purpose bucket as standard, but you can upgrade to our multi-purpose bucket to benefit from a range of extra functions.

Choose refreshing air-con

Although the windows open as standard on the 424, nothing beats the cool refreshment provided by air con. With multiple air ducts on the front and back of the cab, you’ll be surrounded by cool air whenever you want – the ultimate in cabin comfort.

Four wheel drive option

The 424 Backhoe Loader has a four wheel drive option that can be used in rugged terrain. Four wheel drive machine offers more tractive force which is helpful for poor underfoot conditions or tough terrain. This combined with multi-purpose bucket and other options this versatile machine is powerful and adaptable.

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