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Hindustan Wheel Loader 2021Z

Hindustan 2021 Wheel Loader has been serving the Indian customers for over four decades and has earned the reputation of being the most reliable machine in the industry. It has been the market leader in the three-tonne category and has become a generic name for small wheel loaders.

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Product Name Sl. No. Make Location Mfg. Year Hrs. of Use Price View Details
Wheel Loader L3Z00396 Hindustan Sonapur 2017 9839 2300000 View
Wheel Loader L3Z00633 Hindustan Asansol Yard 2017 3743 2800000 View
Wheel Loader L3Z00984 Hindustan Guwahati 2018 6369 2800000 View
Wheel Loader L3Z01447 Hindustan Sonapur 2018 4825 3000000 View
Wheel Loader L3Z01518 Hindustan Shillong 2018 4410 2950000 View
Wheel Loader L3Z01545 Hindustan Greater Noida 2018 2557 2900000 View
Wheel Loader L3Z01557 Hindustan Shillong 2018 4465 2950000 View
Wheel Loader L2Z08951 Hindustan Greater Noida 2016 4578 2400000 View
Wheel Loader L2Z07655 Hindustan Asansol Yard 2014 6332 2100000 View
Wheel Loader L2Z07652 Hindustan Jamshedpur 2014 5146 2200000 View
Wheel Loader L2Z08372 Hindustan Greater Noida 2015 6372 2200000 View
Wheel Loader L2Z08894 Hindustan Kinnor 2016 2924 2600000 View
Wheel Loader L2Z08373 Hindustan Asansol Yard 2015 11200 1500000 View
Wheel Loader L2Z08888 Hindustan Asansol Yard 2016 9672 1800000 View
Wheel Loader L3Z00630 Hindustan Greater Noida 2017 4251 2750000 View
Wheel Loader L2Z08760 Hindustan Asansol Yard 2016 6802 2200000 View
Wheel Loader L2Z08381 Hindustan Asansol Yard 2015 8040 1800000 View

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