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CAT Medium Wheel Loader 980H

Cat® Wheel Loaders offer performance you can feel with the capability to work in the most demanding applications. Unmatched operator comfort and efficiency in a world class cab. Revolutionary electronics and hydraulics are integrated for low-effort operation. Increased productivity equates to lower owning and operating costs.

The new standard for midsize wheel loaders.

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Cat® Wheel Loaders offer performance you can feel with the capability to work in the most demanding applications. Unmatched operator comfort and efficiency in a world class cab. Revolutionary electronics and hydraulics are integrated for low-effort operation. Increased productivity equates to lower owning and operating costs.

The new standard for midsize wheel loaders.


Reverse 2
13.5 km/h
Reverse 3
23.6 km/h
Reverse 4
41.5 km/h
Forward 3
20.7 km/h
Forward 4
36.3 km/h
Reverse 1
7.6 km/h
Forward 1
6.6 km/h
Forward 2
11.8 km/h

Operating Specifications

Breakout Force
199.0 kN
Dump Clearance
3.305 m
Static Tipping Load, Full Turn
19496.0 kg


Net Power - SAE J1349
260.0 kW
Peak Torque (Net) @ 1,200 rpm
1619.0 N·m
137.0 mm
171.5 mm
15.2 L
Net Power - ISO 9249
260.0 kW
Net Power - 80/1269/EEC
263.0 kW
Gross Power - SAE J1995
293.0 kW
Engine Model
Cat® C15 ACERT™


Operating Weight*
30519.0 kg


B-Pin height - Standard
4505.0 mm
Center Line of Rear Axle to Edge of Counterweight
2493.0 mm
Center Line of Rear Axle to Hitch
1850.0 mm
3700.0 mm
Ground Clearance
442.0 mm
Height to Top of ROPS
3765.0 mm
Height to Top of Exhaust Pipe
3716.0 mm
Height to Top of Hood
2716.0 mm


Choose from a variety of tires to match your application.

Service Refill Capacities

64.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives - Front
87.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives - Rear
87.0 L
62.0 L
Hydraulic Tank
125.0 L
Hydraulic System (Including Tank)
250.0 L
Cooling System
83.0 L
Fuel Tank
479.0 L


Maximum Bucket Capacity
6.1 m3
Bucket Width
3533.0 mm
Capacity - Reference Bucket
4.2 m3
Type - Reference Bucket
GP with teeth
Breakout force of Reference Bucket
273.0 kN
Bucket Capacities
3.8-6.1 m³ 5.0-8.0 yd3

Hydraulic System

Bucket/Work Tool System - Pump Output
464.0 L/min
Bucket/Work Tool System - Relief Valve Setting
20700.0 kPa
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Raise
6.0 Secon
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump
2.1 Secon
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lower, Empty, Float Down
3.4 Secon
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Total
11.5 Secon
Pilot System - Pump Output
464.0 L/min


Meets required standards


Fixed front
Oscillating +/- 13°
Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall
550.0 mm


Meets SAE and ISO standards.


The Cat 980H midsize loader – ready to work any time, any season.

  • Proven technology that provides reliability from day one
  • Cat design and manufacture of systems that work together as a unit
  • Excellent uptime provided by the best dealer support network in the industry
  • Unmatched genuine Cat parts availability
  • Outstanding Cat dealer service capabilities on your job site or in the dealer shop

Proven Technology

The Cat 980H is built on the legendary 980 platform. Many of the systems designed for and proven on the 980G Series II and previous models are still in use today for the 980H. Planetary powershift transmission, cab, separated cooling system, integrated braking system, free wheel stator torque converter, frames – all contribute to the proven reliability of the 980H.

Acert™ Technology

ACERT Technology has been proving itself in on-highway trucks since March 2003, and more recently in field tests of off-highway equipment. This technology allows Cat engines to meet durability and reliability expectations without sacrificing fuel economy or performance.

Dealer Support

The first priority of the Caterpillar® dealer is to keep your loader up and running when you need it. The entire global network of 206 independently-owned Cat dealers is the best in the world at distributing parts and equipment. They are there when and where you need them.

Parts Availability

Caterpillar provides an unsurpassed level of personalized service for your wheel loader. With 23 parts distribution centers in 11 countries, most parts can be delivered in 24 hours. All parts supplied by Caterpillar are manufactured to original equipment specifications. Retrofit kits are available to update machines to current technology. Cat Classic™ Parts for older machines are specially made to Cat specifications at a lower cost. All parts to repair your machine – batteries, seals, filters, fluids, hydraulics, engine parts – are designed and manufactured to work together efficiently and effectively as a system.

Remanufactured Parts

Cat engines and major components are designed to be remanufactured and provide multiple life cycles. The Cat Reman program is more extensive than most rebuild programs. Components are actually remanufactured in the factory to original specifications with necessary product updates. Strict reuse guidelines and unparalleled quality control ensure that reman products provide the reliability and durability that you expect from Caterpillar. Reman products are stocked in distribution centers around the world and are ready to install to minimize downtime, maintain productivity and profitability.

Service Capabilities

Need routine maintenance or unplanned repair? Cat field service technicians have the experience and tools necessary to service your loader on site. Field service trucks are fully loaded with state-of-the-art tools and diagnostic equipment as well as specifications and schematics for every Cat machine. Technical experts at the dealer shop and at Caterpillar provide assistance to every field service technician. When on-site repair isn’t enough, Cat dealer shops are fully-equipped to service your loader quickly.

Dealer Support Programs

Caterpillar dealers support you with a variety of programs from financing a purchase to complete after-sale support.

  • Purchase/Lease/Rent
  • Caterpillar Insurance
  • Investment Options
  • Cat Equipment Training
  • Customer Support Agreements
  • S•O•SSM Services

Purchase, Lease OR Rent?

Your Cat dealer can help you decide the best acquisition options for your operation. They can help you calculate owning and operating costs and how the available financing options can contribute to your bottom line.


Durability built in, not added on.

  • Strong, solid structures built to last
  • Major components designed and manufactured to provide long hours of use and to be rebuilt for additional life
  • Cat C15 engine with ACERT Technology maintains engine performance, efficiency and durability while reducing emissions
  • Improved hood strength and faster lift and lower times
  • Main ladder integrated into side of machine to protect steps from debris build-up


The 980H retains the same basic structures as the 980G Series II. Full box section engine end frame absorbs shock loads and twisting forces while supporting the driveline for rigid component alignment. The frame is over 90 percent robotically welded providing deep weld penetration for maximum durability and fatigue strength. The non-engine end frame provides a solid base for the front axle, lift arms and tilt cylinders. The fabricated four-plate loader tower resists shock loads and loading stresses. Lift arms are solid steel, providing superior strength, excellent dump clearance and reach while maintaining visibility to the bucket. The cast steel cross tube is heat treated for maximum resistance to torsion and impact loads. Z-bar linkage generates exceptional breakout forces and good rack back angle for better bucket loading and material retention. The spread hitch design of the 980H articulation joint reduces stress loads on the hitch pin and roller bearings for long service life.

New Hood

A new hood has been designed for the 980H. Two layers thick, the new hood provides improved durability while maintaining visibility to the ground. The reinforced hood is more resistant to wind and mud build-up. The actuation system has also been improved. Electrohydraulically activated twin lift cylinders significantly reduce lift and lower time.

New Ladder

The ladder on the 980H is integrated into the side of the machine. The self-cleaning steps are protected from debris build-up. A five-degree incline allows easy entry and exit to the cab.

Powershift Transmission

The 980H is equipped with a transmission that has proven itself for over 40 years. And the addition of the Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) system adds a new level of durability to the transmission. ECPC modulates clutch engagement individually to allow smoother speed and directional shifts and provide longer component life than the transmission in the 980G Series II.


ACERT Technology combines proven systems with innovative new technologies to precisely deliver fuel to the combustion chamber. It maintains engine performance, efficiency and durability while dramatically reducing emissions. The C15 engine used in the 980H has a strong track record of reliability, durability and power density in both off-highway equipment and on-highway trucks. In fact, millions of reliable road miles have garnered it the J.D. Power & Associates award for customer reliability. The robust design of the C15 required very few modifications to accommodate the higher cylinder pressures associated with ACERT Technology. Although ACERT Technology itself is new, much of the componentry is the same as used in previous engines. Electronic controllers are the brains of ACERT Technology. The advanced electronic controllers used in Cat engines were first introduced in the early 1990s and have a proven track record of performance and reliability. The C15 engine features the Cat Mechanically Actuated Electronic Unit Injection (MEUI) fuel system. The MEUI fuel system is a highly evolved system with proven reliability and durability in the field.

Integrated Systems

The Caterpillar Monitoring System (CMS) tracks critical machine systems to alert the operator to potential need for service. Three levels of warning allow the operator to assess the situation more accurately. CMS is tied to the engine, transmission, hydraulics and brakes – connecting all major systems allows the loader to work as a fully integrated system – from the linkage to the engine.


Move more material.

  • Transmission features that optimize machine performance
  • Engine maintains a consistent level of productivity
  • Standard and optional features that increase productivity


Choose between manual or automatic shift modes in the cab. This flexible feature increases operator efficiency and optimizes machine performance.

Variable Shift Control (VSC)

Match transmission shifting patterns to machine applications requirements. Variable Shift Control improves shift quality and fuel efficiency in certain applications by allowing the transmission to upshift at lower engine RPMs.

Engine Idle Management System (EIMS)

Four idle control settings help maximize fuel efficiency and provide flexibility in managing idle speeds based on application requirements. Hibernate Mode allows idle speed to drop after a preset time to provide lower fuel consumption, reduced sound and emissions. Work Mode provides flexibility in working engine idle speeds. Warm Up Mode is designed to keep the machine consistently warm in cold conditions. Low Voltage Mode prevents battery drain due to high electrical loads from attachments.

Constant Net Horsepower

The engine automatically compensates for parasitic loads, like the fan and air conditioner, to maintain a consistent level of productivity.

Command Control Steering

Reduce steering movements by a factor of 14 with Command Control Steering as compared to conventional steering. A conventional steering wheel requires two to three 360° turns to complete one turn of the loader – the Command Control wheel moves ±70° with only 6 lb (26 N) steering pressure to complete a turn – reducing operator fatigue.

Ride Control

The optional Ride Control System improves ride, performance and load retention when traveling over rough terrain. Operators gain confidence moving at higher speeds in load and carry operations decreasing cycle time and increasing productivity.

Payload Control System

Scales, designed specifically for Cat machines, are built into the lift arms to allow on-the-go weighing of material in the bucket. Operators load trucks more accurately and efficiently. Loading trucks right the first time equates to quicker cycles for the operator, increased efficiency at the scale house and more productivity for your operation. Payload Control is available as a factory-installed option. A printer is also available for printing driver tickets and a variety of reports.


The optional Caterpillar Autolube System provides precise, automatic lubrication of pins and bushings – during loader operation. Automatic lubrication reduces time spent on daily maintenance and downtime for unplanned repairs due to inadequate greasing – improving productivity.

Aggregate Autodig

Well-received by both experienced and novice operators, the optional Aggregate Autodig is available to automate the loading process. Operators get consistently full payloads without touching the controls.


Build a 980H to fit your operation.

  • A variety of buckets and other work tools for many different applications make the 980H a very versatile wheel loader
  • Many options can be ordered factory-installed to customize the 980H for your operation
  • Special machine arrangements can be provided from the factory for aggregate, forestry, scrap, steel mill and waste applications
  • A high lift arrangement is available for special dump clearance needs

Work Tools and Quick Couplers

A variety of buckets, work tools and couplers are available from the factory or your Caterpillar dealer to customize the 980H for your operation.

Quick Couplers

Quick couplers provide unmatched versatility for wheel loaders. Buckets and work tools can be changed in seconds without leaving the cab for maximum productivity.

General Purpose Buckets

General purpose buckets provide good all-around performance for stockpiling, rehandling, excavating and bank loading. A heavy duty general purpose bucket can be used for more abrasive applications.

Material Handling Buckets

The material handling bucket is a flat-floor bucket used for handling stockpiled materials such as aggregates or other easy-to-load materials requiring moderate breakout force.

Rock Buckets

Rock buckets are designed for face or bank loading in mining or quarry applications. The straight-edge rock bucket provides higher breakout force and increased dump clearance. The spade-edge rock bucket offers better penetration.

Waste Buckets

Waste buckets are designed for long life in the harsh world of refuse applications. The high capacity bucket is well-suited for loading, sorting and other transfer station work.

Coal Buckets

Coal buckets maximize productivity in loading and stockpiling applications of coal and other materials of the same density.

Heavy Duty Quarry Buckets

The heavy duty quarry bucket is available for high-impact or high-abrasion quarry applications.

Woodchip and Clean-Up Buckets

Woodchip and clean-up buckets are available for forestry and millyard applications.


Logging, millyard and pallet forks are available for forestry and material handling applications.

Specialty Work Tools

Other specialty work tools, such as material handling arms and snow plows, are available for the 980H. Contact your local Caterpillar dealer for application and availability information.

Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

Several GET options are available from Caterpillar for the 980H buckets. A cast corner adapter is incorporated into the design of the buckets that allows a tooth to be placed on the extreme corner for protection against base bucket wear. Reversible bolt-on cutting edges (BOCE) and a bolt-on half-arrow cutting edge are also available for the 980H buckets. The Cat K Series™ tooth system features an easier-to-install tip and provides very secure tooth retention. No special tools are required for installation or removal.

Special Machine Arrangements

When you have a specialized operation, you need a specialized wheel loader to be productive. A variety of machine arrangements are available for the 980H.

Aggregate Applications

Looking to increase productivity in your quarry? Two packages are available for the 980H to provide that increase. The Aggregate Loader Package provides the 8 yd3 (6.1 m3) general purpose bucket. The Premium Yard Loader Package provides the ultimate in productivity and convenience options at an exceptional value. Autolube, Aggregate Autodig, Payload Control and Ride Control will reduce operator fatigue and make your wheel loader the most productive aggregate loader available.


The Forest Machine Arrangement equips the 980H with an extreme service transmission, heavy duty tilt cylinders and 4,500 lb (2041 kg) counterweight for the strength and durability required to be productive in this tough application. Logging and millyard forks, woodchip and clean-up buckets can be added to equip the 980H for forestry applications.

Industrial Loader

Heavy duty guarding and special features designed specifically for industrial applications, such as waste and scrap handling, allow the 980H to withstand the harshest of conditions. Work tools designed specifically for these applications can be added to the machine.

Steel Mill Applications

The Steel Mill Arrangement gives the added protection needed for extended life and lower operating costs in this rugged environment. The arrangement includes steel guarding for critical components, an extreme service transmission, heavy-duty engine and transmission mounts, hydraulic hose protection, insulated battery mounting, remote engine shutdown, remote parking brake release, transmission override, steel cable ladder, steel command control steering shaft cover, seal mounted windshield for quick replacement, narrow steel front fenders, EcoSafe FR46 hydraulic fluid (optional), and the front access platform (optional). Slag buckets are also available.

High Lift Arrangements

A high lift arrangement is available for applications where additional dump clearance is required. All 980H buckets fit both the standard and high lift arrangements.

Operator Comfort

Comfort and convenience increase efficiency.

  • Cab sound levels of 76 dB(A) provide quiet operation and reduce fatigue through the long work day
  • Vibration is controlled to improve operator comfort
  • Doors on both sides of the machine provide easy entry and exit
  • Excellent visibility – front and rear – is provided by distortion-free flat glass, wet-arm wipers, roof channels that drain water off the ROPS posts instead of the windows and a roof overhang that keeps glare out of the operator’s eyes
  • Centrally located, easy to access controls and switches with clear, graphical symbols for more intuitive operation
  • Cat Comfort Seat provides strong, durable seating for operators of all shapes and sizes
  • Command Control Steering reduces operator effort significantly


The operator sound level for the 980H has been reduced by 4 dB(A) – to 76 dB(A) – a 50 percent improvement over the 980G Series II. The improvement in sound level was made possible by the addition of insulation to the doors and front panels, as well as the rear and floor of the cab. Cab pressurization has been improved which also contributes to the lower sound level. Also, an optional low sound attachment reduces spectator sound levels to 107 dB(A) and operator sound pressure to 72 dB(A).


Caterpillar understands that midsize wheel loaders work in some of the harshest environments. By controlling normal machine vibrations caused by these harsh conditions, operator efficiency and productivity are improved. From the ground up, the Cat 980H is designed with many features, both standard and optional, that reduce vibration.

The oscillating rear axle follows the contour of the ground while allowing the cab to stay steady. The cab is attached to the frame with rubber mounts designed to reduce shock loads from the ground. The articulation joint is equipped with a hydraulic valve that modulates the force of impact when the machine reaches the end of its turning radius.

Dump stop snubbing is available to slow the bucket as it reaches the limits of travel. Ride Control is an option designed to reduce jolting and bouncing during load and carry operations. An accumulator acts as a shock absorber to reduce machine pitching and provide a smoother ride over rough terrain.

Electronic sensors and hydraulics precisely match implement lever position to the speed and position of the lift arms and bucket cylinder. This precision provides smooth valve actuation and cylinder travel while virtually eliminating abruptness of movement. Automatic lift and lower kickouts and bucket position can be set by the operator from the cab. These electronically controlled cushioned stops eliminate the jerking and bouncing associated with abrupt stops.

Entry and Exit

An integrated ladder with self-cleaning steps keeps debris build-up to a minimum. The ladder is at a 5-degree incline for easy entry and exit. Platforms are wide allowing safe movement to the front or rear of the machine. The main cab door opens a full 180 degrees and latches in place to allow safe navigation to the rear of the machine.


The 980H provides excellent visibility to both the front and rear of the machine. Distortion-free flat glass stretches to the floor of the cab for excellent visibility to the bucket. Wet-arm wipers on both front and back keep the windows clean in any condition. The cab roof has channels that direct rain off the corners of the cab keeping windows clear. An overhang on all sides protects the operator from glare. An optional windshield cleaning package provides additional steps and handrails to provide easy access for cleaning the windows. An optional rear vision camera is available to more closely monitor movement behind the wheel loader.


The main control panel on the 980H is located high on the right ROPS post – keeping everything within reach of the operator while maintaining visibility to the ground. Clear graphical symbols make the switches easy to understand and operate. Keeping all switches and controls conveniently placed allows better efficiency and improved productivity all while minimizing operator fatigue.


The Cat C-500 Series Comfort seat is built strong and durable and is 6-way adjustable to accommodate all-sized operators. The cast one-piece back and seat pan prevent protrusions under the cushions. The seat features an automotive-style lumbar support for maximum comfort. The right hand armrest with integrated implement controls adjusts for comfortable convenient operation. A heated seat option is available for additional comfort in cold conditions.

Ease of Operation

Command Control Steering is a load-sensing system that links the steering wheel and frame angle positions to provide the proper amount of steering control. The speed the machine turns is proportional to the steering wheel position. Less than 6 lb (26 N) steering effort is required by the operator, regardless of conditions. Full machine articulation is accomplished with a ±70° turn of the wheel – versus two to three 360° turns of a conventional steering wheel. The Command Control Steering wheel contains the forward/neutral/reverse switch and the upshift/downshift button – allowing the left hand to shift while remaining on the steering wheel at all times. Implement controls are integrated into the right armrest so they move with the operator.


Easy to Maintain. Easy to Service.

Hydraulic Service Center

The hydraulic components are all conveniently located behind the hinged right side access ladder at a single ground level service center improving safety and reducing service time. Accessible from the service center are the transmission and hydraulic oil filters, brake accumulators, pressure test ports, etc.

Electrical Service Center

The electrical service center provides grouped ground level access to numerous electrical features, enhancing safety and convenience for operators and service technicians. It is conveniently located beneath the left platform for access before entering the cab and contains the maintenance free batteries, hood tilt actuation switch and master switch.

Cooling System

The cooling system is readily accessible for clean out and maintenance. With nine cooling fins per 25.4 mm (1.0 inch) and a perforated grill, most airborne debris entering the system passes through the cooler cores. The hydraulic and A/C cooler cores swing out providing easy access to both sides for cleaning. An access panel on the left side of the cooling package swings down to provide access to the back side of the engine coolant and Air-to-Air After Cooler (ATAAC) and jacket water cooler core.

Engine Access

The Cat sloped "one-piece" tilting hood provides industry-leading access to the engine, and if necessary, the entire hood can be removed with the built-in lift points. With the hood closed, quick checks of engine oil levels and the coolant sight gauge can be completed through the side service doors. Panels located behind the tires lift up and can be removed for additional access.

Owning and Operating Costs

The Cat 980H – best value for your operation.

  • More work for the money with proven Cat fuel efficiency
  • Simplified daily maintenance with sight gauges, ground level maintenance, easy engine access, ecology drains, maintenance-free batteries increase machine uptime
  • Unsurpassed parts availability reduces downtime
  • Excellent resale value provided by genuine Cat quality, outstanding dealer service and unmatched dealer support programs
  • Caterpillar Financial Services and Cat dealers understand your business and provide financing and customer support programs to enhance the value of your acquisition

Fuel Economy

With the 980H, horsepower and shift points can be tailored to match application requirements in turn improving fuel economy. Caterpillar allows operators to choose between two horsepower settings through the Variable Shift Control (VSC) dial.

When the dial is positioned in the Standard Mode

  • Operators will realize 349 constant net horsepower and shifts occurring at higher engine rpm’s. In the Intermediate Mode
  • Operators will experience 319 constant net horsepower and transmission shifting at lower rpm’s. Using the Economy Mode
  • Engine rpm’s at which shifting occurs will be further reduced while constant net horsepower remains at 319.

Acert Technology Fuel Economy

Based on Caterpillar testing, the fuel economy of Cat engines with ACERT Technology is 3 to 5 percent better than current competing technologies. This fuel economy is directly related to the complete combustion of fuel due to the integration between the electronic control that monitors conditions, the air management system that controls air volume and the fuel injection system that delivers just the right amount of fuel as needed.


Proper maintenance of your wheel loader can help control expenses and lower your owning and operating costs. Using key features from the 980G Series II and adding a few of its own, the 980H provides unmatched serviceability.

  • Well protected, easily visible sight gauges
  • Ground level maintenance points
  • Easy access to engine compartment
  • Ecology drains for simple and clean fluid drainage
  • Brake wear indicators for ease of inspection
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • Long oil and filter change intervals
  • Swing-out grill for easy access and more efficient airflow

Parts Availability

Caterpillar provides an unsurpassed level of personalized service for your wheel loader. With 23 parts distribution centers in 11 countries, most parts can be delivered in 24 hours. Easy access to parts reduces downtime waiting for parts delivery – and allows your wheel loader to be more productive.

Resale Value

Owning quality equipment is a very important factor in maintaining resale value. Cat not only supplies quality equipment but also provides the product and dealer support to ensure the reliability and durability of your machine. The high level of expertise of the Cat dealer service department ensures that repairs are done properly with genuine Caterpillar parts. Customer Support Agreements can help you control the cost of machine ownership. Dealer support programs, like S•O•S Fluid Analysis, monitor machine condition providing more consistent uptime and machine availability. Genuine Cat quality, a known machine condition and documented service history all contribute to the high resale value of Cat equipment.


Buy, lease or rent; Cat Financial has an acquisition plan that fits your operation. The advantage of working with Cat Financial to arrange the financing of your machine is that Cat understands your business.


Ease of service increases productivity.

  • Daily maintenance made easy with sight gauges and ground level service points
  • Service is simplified with brake wear indicators, ecology drains, grouped sampling ports and easily replaceable components
  • Monitoring systems and analysis programs that can detect problems before they happen

Daily Maintenance

Sight gauges and ground level maintenance points make daily maintenance simple and easy. Sight gauges are provided for transmission oil, hydraulic oil and radiator coolant. All are easily visible and eliminate the risk of contamination from opening reservoirs daily. Ground level access to maintenance points reduces daily start-up time, ensures that daily maintenance gets done and reduces operator fatigue from climbing on the machine to do daily checks. Grease fittings for both the non-engine end frame and engine end frame lubrication points are contained in the front hitch area. Remote grease lines come together in two convenient central lube banks on the left side of the machine. U-joints are lifetime lubricated. Batteries are maintenance free and easy to access in slide-out battery boxes on both sides of the machine.

Brake Wear Indicators

A port on the axle contains a visual indicator to determine brake wear. A service technician can easily measure and track brake wear at a glance.

Ecology Drains

Simple, clean draining of engine oil, transmission oil and hydraulic oil is standard on the 980H with the ecology drains. The axle oil ecology drain is optional.

S•O•S Fluid Sampling

Oil sampling valves allow quick access to engine, transmission and hydraulic oils for S•O•S analysis. Sampling ports for steering, transmission, and brakes are grouped in lockable service compartments behind the cab. The S•O•S program enables problems to be detected before they occur and allows more convenient scheduling of service.


Reduce time spent on daily maintenance and downtime for unplanned repairs due to inadequate greasing with the optional Caterpillar Automatic Lubrication System. Precise lubrication of pins and bushings at specific intervals improves component wear and reduces ground contamination from excessive greasing.


The Next Generation Modular Radiator (NGMR) cores are a modular design permitting replacement of a single core without removing the entire radiator – reducing repair costs and downtime. A sight gauge located on the shunt tank allows quick service checks. The perforated, corrugated grill swings out for easy access to the cooling cores. Full width air conditioner condenser and oil cooler cores also swing out 450 to allow easy cleaning of the rear radiator face. Hinged panels on either side of the radiator support structure provide access to the front face of the radiator and ATAAC for easy cleaning.


The entire operator station can be removed in about 45 minutes and is easily replaceable. Four wiring harnesses, two heater lines, the steering drive shaft and two bolts for the brake valve are all that need to be disconnected – no wires need to be cut. The air conditioner is unhooked using the quick disconnects so no refrigerant is lost. An optional windshield cleaning package consists of two steps for the loader front frame and two additional handrails. This optional package allows access to the full front windshield.

Caterpillar Monitoring System

Trust the Caterpillar Monitoring System to watch out for your machine. Continuous monitoring of critical systems ensures that you’ll be warned of problems before they turn serious. Three categories of warnings – from visual to visual/audible – will be provided to the operator, depending on the severity of the situation.

Complete Customer Support

Cat® field service technicians have the experience and tools necessary to service your loader on site. Field service trucks are fully loaded with state-of-the-art tools and diagnostic equipment as well as specifications and schematics for every Cat machine. Technical experts at the dealer shop and at Caterpillar provide assistance to every field service technician. When on-site repair isn’t enough, Cat dealer shops are fully-equipped to service your loader quickly.

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